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Debralla, are you out there

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I know you are and we are missing hearing from you sweetie.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Hugs and kisses,
Lisa P.

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Me, too......I have good thoughts going to you often....

SPECIAL hugs, Kathi

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Lisa Rose
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Hi Debra,

Sending warm hugs from Canada. . .

Please know that others care ~ hope to hear from you soon.

Lisa Rose

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Lisa,Kathie,Lisa Rose
Your right I am out hear .
Okay let me see if I can do this as I have tears streaming down my face from Lisa's touching email /post ..
I have not posted in awhile. But, I do read every post and have been thinking and Praying for everyone .
A few months ago my cea began to creep back up. So, we brought the oxy back in .after two treatments of this my cea was still going up. I had a Pet/cat scan which showed another increase in my liver mets .My chemo has been changed to folfori . I had my first treatment of this two weeks ago . Its a *** kicker . Sorry just couldn't find another word to best describe.

Anyways, after a week and half of nausea , and some pretty bad stomach cramps I am feeling much better .Just in time to gear up for treatment on Wed .

Anyways, I had my good cry and have once again pulled up those boot straps and feel like I am back in the saddle again . Thanks so much for caring .

Take Care and God Bless .


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OH, dearheart....I am hugging you right now....this beast is such a terrorist!

But, I KNOW you....YOU WILL vanquish this thing!!!

I am sending healthly, strong vibes....hey, and DON'T FORGET YOUR WATER!!!!!

Hugs, Kathi

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Don't forget your carrot juice too!!

peace, emily

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I too have been sick this past week with my treatment. I'll call you tomorrow. You have been on my mind every day.

Talk to you soon.



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Sending more prayers your way that the next treatments will be easier. Your spirit is awesome. Judy

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You are a true fighter!!! And just for the record, when one of us faces a new battle, WE ALL ARE THERE FOR SUPPORT!!! Do not ever forget that. This is one group that honestly knows what you are going through, and will do whatever we can to make it easier for you.

Stay strong, YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!


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Deb -

You are the ***-kicker; you KICK ***! Sorry I haven't dropped you and Joe a line for a while, I have been completely snowed under,although you know you guys are in my prayers daily.

Let's hope that the new chemo is kicking the dragon's *** even more than it's kicking yours.

Be well, darlin' - and know you guys are in my thoughts daily.

- Bob

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Thinking of you and sending prayers and best wishes to you. Kick *** back! That's certainly what we all would like to be doing for you.

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Hi Deb. Thinkin about yah here in oz too gal. I am a little embarrassed at my lack of participation but I have my reasons. Going away from home makes me wish sometimes I had a laptop. Sorry to hear both you and Kerry not coping too well but you are always in our thoughts gals.
huggs, Ross n Jen

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Don't ever forget that you aren't alone. You can certainly contact me as well. I think of you and Kerry everyday staying strong and that makes me stay strong and to stop feeling sorry for myself. I should be in Texas in January and would love to meet up with you and the Texas girls. My sister wouldn't have a problem picking you up and we'll meet up with them for lunch somewhere. Hoping that your chemo regiments fits into the timeline. I think we are on opposite weeks or it may be the same week just a day or two apart. Take care and stay strong.

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Hi Debra,

I am so sorry you are having to fight so hard, but am glad you are back posting on this site. We need to know when to send those extra prayers and good vibes. I hope that Wednesday's treatment is easier on you. I hope you can make it to see us all in January.



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