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Right side abdomen pain

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Hey all,

I noticed that nudgie is having right side abdomen pain under the rib cage. Me too. It gets really bad during the few days after chemo and I plan to bring it up to my oncs tomorrow when I go for chemo number 4. I had two "spots" on my liver that an MRI said were cysts, but I always questioned that. I want a biopsy. Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this right side, just below the rib cage, pain, especially during chemo......

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Hi Parusha,
I finished my 12 treatments of folfox in June. (Stage 3a (1 out of 32 nodes)) 6 weeks after finishing chemo I experienced severe abdominal cramps across my abdomen and below my rib cage that lasted for 2 weeks. I saw my oncologist for my 3 month follow-up this week, and she had no ideas on what it was, but said that people on avastin are complaining about abdominal cramps.
You've almost completed 1/3 of your chemo! Good job!

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Hi Donna,

I am not taking Avastin, but it's good to know about the cramping issue in case they ever propose to put me on it. Thanks!

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Hi Patrusha,

Just sending you many HUGS! At least you know that you aren't the only one having this issue. I hope you and nudgie find out what the problem is soon.

Lisa F

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I hope we find out soon, too, Lisa. It's such a "pain!" LOL!

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Hi Patrusha, I have been thinking about you, because I have not seen your posts lately, hopefully that will be nothing serious, I allways wondering about little pains or feelings, all other my body that I'm sure I have had before being DX, but from now on probably I'll allways conecct anything diferent to cancer I will need to work on this. Anyway if it really bothers you, is good that you follow your intuition, Lots of hugs.

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I've been pretty busy at work lately, Betina, which is why I haven't posted too much. These pains in my abdomen are pretty noticeable (and since I have a pretty high pain tolerance that makes me wonder even more that it is significant enough for me to even notice it). I've noticed that the pain started with the first chemo and it is getting more pronounced with each chemo for a few days and then goes away. Today there is some "tenderness" in the area, but no pain. If all goes as my last three chemos have gone, I expect to have pain in my side by Saturday or Sunday, a pain that will gradually worsen over three or four days and then begin to subside.

Anyway, I'll let you all know what I find out!

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Hi Patrusha,

I'm wondering if your pain could be related to the chemo since it seems to occur after your chemo sessions. I would definitely talk to your doctor about it.

God bless,


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When I was on FOLFOX, I regularly had intense abdominal cramping on about day 5 (chemo infusion days 1-3). Mine was more abdominal than right-sided or under the rib. But, the regular schedule gave me some comfort that it was a symptom of the chemo and not anything more sinister. My onc and I referred to this pain as 'colic'. Sure made me feel sympathy for little babies with colic - yeaou!!! I moaned for about 24 hrs each time.

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Are you having any diarrhea or constipation. I am on Folfox/Avastin and get a few cramps sometimes in the first few days but also get some constipation with it. I think I don't drink enough liquids.

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According to my Onc Doc, he feels that my right side stomach/rib dull ache is due to the chest tube I had for the collasped lung. My pain comes and goes so irregular that sometimes I forget about it, but I have mentioned this to my Onc Doc and we are keeping an eye on it. So far my liver counts have been good.

Check your liver counts from your Chemistry report. Where I get my chemo they do a CBC Count Report and a Chemistry Report each treatment. The liver counts if high, will indicate something or demand a scan.

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