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Anybody out there??????

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I am a rectal cancer survivor that is supposed to be dead or dying now but am not (stage IV that had spread to my liver and left lung). My 5 year survival rate was 10%. I have lots more to share about my cancer journey but want to make sure someone out there wants or needs to hear it.

Ladies, are you out there?????????

Let me know how I can help you. I am now NED (no evidence of disease) and feel strongly about helping others and if that includes my fellow lesbians and gay men, I am honored to do so.

Lisa P.

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Hey there!

I'm here! Congrats to you for kicking cancer's butt! Keep up the good work!

I'm a colon cancer survivor, coming up on my 1 year anniversary of diagnosis. I've had surgery and completed chemo...and so far...so good!

There has to be more lesbian survivors out there...WHERE ARE YOU????

Take Care,

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North Carolina, how bout you?

Do you visit the colorectal discussion board here. I am very active there and have many friends from it.

This month is my 2 year anniversary since stopping chemo!!!!!!!!! Huge milestone for me. Congrats on your upcoming milestone. They seem to come sooner after those first ones.

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I'm in Maryland.

No, I've not been to the colorectal discussion board...yet. But, I plan to do so soon.

When I look back, it seems like the past year flew by. Although, while going through chemo, it seemed as each day passed so slowly. Sometimes it still doesn't sink in...I had cancer...and I'm a survivor. Seems like it was just a very bad dream..ok...a nightmare. Oh well, it was a wake up call, each day is much more precious now.

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Hello. I am brand new to this site and ran across you message. Not sure if you are still there since it was October when you sent the message. I am a caregiver for my partner. She had colon cancer at age 50 and is now 54. She had a recurrence in her supraclavicular lymph node and has been taking avastin for the past two years. The node is still there but not going anywhere, thank god. She is actually quite healthy now.

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hope your still there, i just got to the site after trying for some time. I read your story and i can relate. i too am a fellow stage 4 rectal cancer survivor and a "sister" i would love to hear more about your story and i would like to share mine with you as well. i will check my site daily and see if your still here and if you are then we have alot of chatting to do . hope to hear from you. hugs, lynn

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I was recently told that I have pancreatic cancer. I have a girlfriend of two years. She is so upset but so am I. I feel lost alot of the time. I cry then I stop and then I cry again. I love reading about people surviving. You made me smile and those times are few.
Thank you

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Hello all,
It is nice to finally see that there are sisters who actually have found this chat. I don't know about you but I have never really felt that comfortable talking about my relationship outside of gay chat not wanting to make anyone else feel uncomfortable. There are those that think we are all just people trying to cope but actually one has to feel comfortable before one can truly open up.
I am 12 year Stage 3 breast cancer survivor with 11 out of 21 positive nodes. No it wasn't a great trip but a journey just the same...
I am very fortunate to have finally returned to a more normal life after years of suffering with side effects from everything done to me. I have not had reconstruction due to the side effects from surgery that I seem to suffer. I too have a partner and after all these years we still do not have a relationship that resembles anything we once had. We have had mnay problems and money usually is one since I cannot work the shift work I once did and have lost half of my income just trying to care more about my health than money. I think finally we are coming full circle and starting to nurture our relationship once again.
I am so glad that there are other girlfriends willing to stick around and be there for the long haul. Though it isn't easy we have managed to secure a life that we would not have had on our own and I think gratitude takes us places we have never been.
I hope you are all coping the best you can and know that surviving the unknown is often the worst time of all and surviving that is probably the biggest thing, waiting and more waiting...
I will check back more often now that there are people in this chat.
Be good to yourself always,

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Hi all
I am here also. I just completed Breast cancer treatment and am the building myself up stage. WooooooHooooo its me time.
Happy Smiles

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Thanks so much for your encouraging post.

My husband was dx with stage iv rectal cancer
with mets to liver. There were 5 mets on liver,
both lobes and center (so surgery wasn't an option)
He started radiation and Xeloda yesterday for
5 1/2 weeks.

It has been a total shock, we had no idea.
Just starting to recover from the news.

Any information you could share would be very
much appreciated.


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