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First off, I would like to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH to everyone who responded to my questions. This site really helps me out and provides the support I need.

UPDATE: Had my appointment with my Onc Doc yesterday (17 Oct) and discussed all the problems I was having, including heart rate and what we could change about treatment. He really did not want me to shot chemo due to my under age of 42 and that it had not spread according to the path report. I have had NO scans yet.

The decision my husband and I had was to avoid all cell booster shots and reducing the chemo drugs. My doc indicated that the first reduction is 20% in accordance with the clinical trials, reports, and stats. I am really hoping this does it, because I really want to try and complete all my treatments as scheduled. If this does work, I will be finished at the end of January 07.

Have an appointment with my Lung and Heart Docs on Thursday, 19 October. I am soooo praying that there are no issues with my heart and I really want to get back to exercising and running.

LOVE YOU GUYS and AGAIN THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thanks for this update. Sounds like you had a very useful meeting with your oncologist, and that you have settled on a good solution. Reading your post, I suddenly remembered that I, too, had my chemo dose reduced (by 20%? something like that). As you say, this was in accordance with previous studies, etc. (Strange -- I had completely forgotten that. Odd what the memory does....). I can well understand you wanting to complete the course on schedule (or roughly on schedule) and also your desire to get back to running and exercise. But be gentle to yourself if these plans go slightly awry -- you can/will get back to it later.

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It sounds like the dose reduction is a good idea. Will pray that you get a good report from your lung and heart doctors. Did you have any scans, before or after surgery, I don't remember but it seems to me you didn't (perhaps it is my chemo brain). If not, ask your oncologist why not?


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I did the 20% dose reduction after the first chemo, Nudgie, and the last two have gone better (except that dang pain in my abdomen... like yours). Hope the reduction gives you some relief from your symptoms.

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Hi Nudgie

I had a 20% reduction after I got halfway and I ground to a halt as my blood just couldn't seem to recover - my oncologist said this is normal protocol and nothing to worry about - I found that once I had the reduction that I didn't have any problems with cold drinks from the oxaliplatin, which was a bonus

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