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Support Goup - Disappointment

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I attended a group last night with much disappointment. Perhaps what I'm looking for does not exist. I want an educated therapist that will talk with us, helping us to understand our feelings and how to continue our lives after our great loss. I'm not looking for a group that is in as much pain as I and only sit around and "cry in their beer" so to speak. I know there's a time for sharing, but I need help from a professional I suppose. Any ideas from others that have been there and know what I'm looking for?

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Check with the hospital or cancer treatment center that you were associated with. They usually have good support groups or personnel on site that can help or direct you to the right person or place.

Also check out the American Cancer Society homepage for support groups.

I hope this helps.

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I went to a stress management bio-feedback class in a one on one situation. It really helped a great deal, but I think the professional in charge can make all the difference in a class like that. jams

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Hi, I know Hospice might have a person you can speak with. When my dad died, someone from Hospice called my mom a few times (he was a councelor) to see if she needed for him to come over so she could talk. You might want a one on one grief councelor. Mindy

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Hi....I just wanted to tell you that I saw a Cancer Clinical Pshycologist who was made available to me at my clinic. They deal with all sorts of emotional problems. The guy I saw was specifically trained in the cancer field and was incredibly helpfull and supportive. I hope you have access to someone like that in the states.
Hoping this will help, Ross n Jen

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Indy -

It sounds to me like maybe a group experience isn't the right thing for you right now. Maybe some one-on-one counseling would be better for you? I don't think any of us can tell you what you are looking for, I know I can't. i think only you will know when you find the right fit. I did the group thing and had a very similar reaction - I wanted to tell these people to quit their moaning and get on with their lives - it's too short and too precious to waste "crying in their beer" as you so aptly put it.

Check with your local ACS chapter. You can find a contact number at cancer.org You might also check, as someone else suggested, with the local hospice. they may have a contact list for one to one grief counselors.

Hang in there - you'll find the help you want and deserve.


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I had gone to Gilda's Club for a while and I mostly found it helpful. Is there a chapter by you?

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