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To TaraHK

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Post it wouldnt work so;
Tara, so sorry to hear that this has happened. You are prepared for the worst, I think, when you say "knowing my history" . I hope this is not the case and that is a benign little yokey,. If not,then the battle must begin again for you. Sending you strong waves of good feelings.

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I am sending lots of prayers and extra HUGS your way. Please keep us posted.


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Thank you so much for your words of support. And many thanks also to those whose replies are posted below (previous page by now? gotta love this active board!). Words cannot express how much your support means to me. What a special group.

My "rollercoaster" continues to move at a breakneck pace --which is very good, although exhausting. I'm having another test Thurs, results Friday. I continue to feel blessed to have drs. who are willing to DISCUSS with me, who are not threatened if I ask a provocative question or wish to express a non-professional but 'educated' (by necessity!) question. Whatever the outcome of my particular situation, this is indeed a blessing.

At the moment I am feeling that, whatever the situation is, I can handle it. But this waiting -- and decision making -- is (pardon me for wallowing in self-pity for a moment!) a very particular type of torture! Isn't it?
Thanks again, all -- I really appreciate the support and I will certainly keep you informed.

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I have found the whole brush with the beast is a form of terrorism. I HATE not being in control. But, I am also grateful that, like you, things moved quickly.

Hugs, Kathi

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Tara -

Sending you lots of good thoughts, prayers, and positive energy - all the way to Hong Kong!

- SB

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