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Fealing alone

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Yes I live In San francisco, and YES I have great heath care, and YES I have a Boyfriend (10 years) But tomorrow I have a BIG Dr's appointment (Cancer Colon that moved to the liver) and the Boy Friend asked If I could take my friend Tom instead! He said "I have done this enough. What's for dinner."
"so many times in the last 2 years I have told people about haveing Cancer and have been greated with blank stars, it's like they don't know what it is.

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Hi JooCote,

I am a lesbian that is currently NED (no evidence of disease) after a rectal cancer diagnosis 2 1/2 years ago that said I would die in 2-3 years (mine had spread to my liver and left lung). I did the chemo route (folfox 6: oxilaplatin, leucovorin, avastin, and the 46 hour drip of 5 fu) for 8 months and it worked at first but then I felt like it was killing me and it wasn't working anymore. That was in November 2004. I found a local naturopathic doctor with a PhD in Clinical Nutrition to help me fight the ******* cells in a different way. I have been blessed, very fortunate, and lucky to be where I am today but I have to tell you "YOU CAN BEAT THIS, and boyfriend needs to get over his self pity.

I would be more then happy to talk to him on the phone if you need me to. Denial and all the fears of this horrid disease is so real. BUT, you can fight and you can win, I am proof of that.

As far as telling folks about your cancer, I force it on people and am proud to do it. My hope is that they do not go thru anything like I have.

Please let me know if I can do anymore to help you. You should never feel alone. I have lived by myself the last 3 years of my cancer journey BUT have never felt alone (my ex and I split up a few months before I got sick after 13 years together).

Now that things are going much better for me, I have to help others and that feels really wonderful. I am honored to help and support my fellow lesbians and gay men!!!!!!

Tell me what I can do, send me you phone number on the email here and we can talk on the phone if you like.

Cyber hugs from North Carolina and I look forward to hearing from you.

Lisa P.

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I just got notification of this group starting. YEA. Sorry we are all here but really happy we have friends. Welcome JooCote. How did your Dr. appointment go?
I am 45y/o Stage iv ( i will post my story on a seperate note). you are not alone let me promise you that. Sorry to hear how the boyfriend is reacting. It certainly does not excuse his actions but I do get how it can be so overwhelming for the caregiver also. I would be glad also to talk with you if you want. I know i sure can use a ear and some advise right now in my life.

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