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Mark honey,

I am so sorry to hear your news but agree with you that you can fight the beast!!!!!!! If what I did 2 years ago didn't work I was going to invest in a trip to HealthQuarters Lodge in Colorado. "It is a 10 day stay for you to get away to and focus on learning and beggining to put into practice certain dietary and lifestyle changes that enable the body to move toward improved health." Of course it cost money but I think it would be worth every penny if I ever need it.

The program was set up by Anne and David Frahm (she wrote "A Cancer Battle Plan"). After months of misdiagnosises, she finally found out she had advanced breast cancer (it had spread to her bones). She did every conventional therapy- surgery, chemo, radiation, hormone and finally a bone marrow transplant. Nothing worked and she was deemed "hopeless" and sent home to "get her affairs in order". She did not give up, she chose to fight the fight differently and started a very strict porgram of detoxification and diet under the guidance of a nutritional counselor and 5 weeks later the cancer was gone!!!!!!!!

Get her book if you want to know more. That was in 1992 and unfortunately she died of a heart attack 10 years later (side effects from medical therapies) but never had any cancer issues.

Goggle the lodge if you want to learn more about the program.

And you know I am with you. Send me your phone number to my email here if you want to chat about any of this.

Cyber hugs my friend,

Lisa P.

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