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rollercoaster (the bad kind)

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Had a PET scan last Wednesday. Got the results Thursday. I have a small lesion in my right lung. (History: rectal cancer treated 2003, solitary lung met treated 2005). Right now I am on a rollercoaster of consultations and further tests. Biopsy not possible due to the location (unlucky). Next test will be CT scan. The good news is that everything is moving very fast (getting appointments and getting results back). And I like all my doctors. But it's very stressful. It's not definite it is a met yet (altho, given my history, it is likely). I know that everyone here has been on this particular rollercoaster -- in one way or another. So I reach out to you during this difficult time.

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I agree it's good they're moving so quickly....can't fix what you don't find, right? You are a very tough person, and I'm sure this minor setback will be just that....MINOR.

Stay strong, chin up,


P.S. Ever consider some of scouty's nutritional assistance in taming this beast? Maybe time to consider.....?

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I read the posts on here almost every day, but only write once in a while.. I am a Stage IV survivor of 3 years and 3 mos... I am sorry to hear about your tests... but I know from reading your posts in the past.. that you are a strong person... and you will survive.. get all your reports and make your plan.. you didn't let this beast beat you before, and you won't this time.. you are in my prayers.. as is everyone on this board.. Good luck to you. Stay strong.


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Dear Tara,

I am praying that the lung lesion may be something benign and that you are not having to enter the battle once again. Please know that I will be thinking of you and praying for good results on your next scans.



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I remember lying there on the PET scan bed, being told "I'm sorry, but I have to take a few extra shots of the breast"...this was a PET to see where the rectal cancer had gone....I started sobbing...
BUT, after a second round....I am doing good...
The WONDERFUL thing is the part you wrote about "moving very fast" and "I like all my doctors". That makes ALL the difference.
I am send big, strong, healthy hugs to you, dearheart...well, if it is, it is...and together we will FIGHT AGAIN!!!! Once an advisary is beaten, it is weaker if it tries to battle again. You have the beast ON THE RUN!!!!

Hugs, Kathi

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You know what to do......just like you did with the now gone lung met. Rub that Livestrong bracelet and feel us all right there with you. As Stacy said, minor minor setback!!!!

Cyber hugs and kisses,

Lisa P.

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My heart goes out to you. I know how it feels having just been through it myself. The waiting is the absoloute worst. I'm glad things are moving quickly and you like your doctors. You're a strong person and I know you'll do what you have to do. Like you said to me you do it for your children. Please feel free to e-mail me if you feel like talking or venting or whatever. I sending positive thoughts you way that it turns out to be nothing and you can just move on with your life!
Take care,

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I've got everything crossed on me that I can (fingers, toes, legs, arms) that this turns out to be benign.
If it's not, however, I know you have the strength to get through this.
Praying for you!

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Hang in there. You have been through so much and you have beaten this before and why not this time too? It is good that you have a good team of doctors on your side thinking with you. Plus we are all here sending good vibes to you.

Did you use some of scouty's nutritional ideas? I think the Reishi and Maitake really helped my dad going through this.

Please keep posting and let us know how it is going.

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Dear Tara,

I am very sorry for this bad news. Lets hope and pray that this is not a met. You have great attitude and I am sure that with it you will win the battle! You might want to look into alternative methods while you are waiting for tests.

My thoughts and prayers are with you.


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Dear Tara, I'm sorry to read about your roller coaster; you are right that we all know what you're going through, and it just stinks to go through this yet again. Stay strong and focused; sounds like you are working with good people and your attitude is awesome; many, many positive vibes are coming your way. Hugs, Judy

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I can only imagine the stress you're going through. But hey, knowing it is the first step to nailing it, and nail it you will. Stay strong, keep the faith and fight the good fight. Glad that the process is moving right along. Sounds like you are in good hands. Please please keep us posted on how you're doing!

Sending you strong healing vibes!


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Tara every day I read this board and am amazed by the strength and character of the people that have gone through and continue to fear what we have all faced in varying forms and degrees. Everytime I think I couldn't do it again I read or talk to someone who makes what I went through seem minor and insignificant by comparison. We all want the monster to die and pay for the crimes against us. It seems like even when we appear to have beated it...it is still lurking in our thoughts and future just waiting to test us again controlling our emotions via this rollercoaster. Being afraid is something we all know. The monster continues to lose the fight more and more each year. If its bad news you can beat it again. We're not going anywhere if you need us.

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Tara, so sorry to hear that this has happened. You are prepared for the worst, I think, when you say "knowing my history" . I hope this is not the case and that is a benign little yokey,. If not,then the battle must begin again for you. Sending you strong waves of good feelings.


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Thank you all so much for your words of support. Means the world to me. I will keep you posted. Many thanks.

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I am sending lots of prayers and extra HUGS your way. Please keep us posted.


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