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blood counts

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My chemo ended in June 2006 and my CT-scan was clear and my CEA has remained less than 1, What is bothering me is I can't seem to get my plateletts and white blood cells back to normal. My doc says they are borderline low for stepping in for treatment. I was wondering if anyone had experience with the chemo (xedola) continuing to depress these counts so long after stopping treatments. I had bad hand and foot syndrome while on chemo and every now and then my hands and feet remind me of the pain as if the chemo is still in there somewhere?

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Wow! Were you with me today at my onc's appt????
I went for my 3-month. Treatment on the colon stopped May 05. Chemo on the breast, March 06. STILL have low WBC (3.2), RBC...CEA .7....my onc is not concerned...she said "This can take a year...we will see at your next 3-month visit, but only time to be worried if the stuff starts rising".
Hugs, Kathi

Naked happy dance for the NED!!!!!!

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I didn't have xedola, but rather 5 fu, leucovorin, and camptosar. It takes a while for your body to be fully rid of the chemo. For some, the side effects never go away, while others never have any in the first place. Plus, factor in we're approaching the official kick off of the "cold & flu season" which throws everyone's white counts into a tailspin!

I must congratulate you on a clear ct scan and the chance to end chemo! That is a great indicator that you're on your way to ridding yourself of the "beast." I also like the way your doctor is closely monitoring you....that is huge, as detection is key when it comes to cancer.

Take each day as it comes, and great job on your progress so far....KEEP IT UP!!!!!


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CONGRATS on a clear CT Scan and a low CEA. On the blood counts, did you ever have WBC or RBC booster shots? I know I had one Neulasta shot on 9 October and my WBC count jumped to 44.3 by 12 October and then back down to 16.3 on 13 October and then the Neutrophil were 13.3 on 13 October. Personally I do not want to continue taking this shot has it affected my chemistry different and as we all know everyone's DNA is different that is why some side effects happen to people and others get none.

I hope this helps.

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Your low CEA count is great. I agree with the others about it taking a while for your body to return to normal. Enjoy your chemo free life and hopefully your side effects will diminish over time.


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I took supplements (all approved by my onc) while on chemo and was fortunate to never miss a treatment but after 8 months of several chemo drugs my blood work was pretty low anyway (ANC 3.2, WBC 5.6, platelet counts 252, RBC 4.5, HCT 41). I stopped chemo and started juicing, changed my diet, and took some supplements to build it back up. 2, yes, 2 months later, everything red and white was way up (ANC 6.9, WBC 9.8, platelets 375, RBC 4.85, HCT 44.3.

This past January I had surgery and lost quite a bit of blood and again my red blood counts were terrible (RBC 2.7, HGB 8.1, and HCT 24.1...all low). Back home and on my diet and supplements for 6 months they rebounded nicely (RBC 5.20, HGB 14.9 and HCT 44.3...all high).

If you really want to get it back up without having the side effects of a pharm drug, find a naturopathic doctor and take him/her your blood work. You will be amazed at how quickly it comes back up and since it is all natural instead of synthetic, you will feel better and there will be NO side effects.

Lisa P.

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