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The Next Colonpalooza

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I have been away for a few days so maybe have missed a few posts but from the looks of things..CP#4 was wonderful..
It makes me sad that there has been so much "back and forth" about the palooza's and the comment from Stacy about "forgeting what it felt to be a stage 4" (I could not find that post and hope it was not in response to any post I made on one of my "I hate the world days"??)
As for our situation..I am not a newbie (my husand was diagnosed in June 2004 and I started posting fairly soon after (thanks to Lisa Rose)..but yet I am not one of the orginal members who send emails and call each other up..(would love to but I have a privacy issue thing :) and am shy)
I think what we need to focus on is that ALL of us who post on this board..whether it is once a day or once every 4 months..have been touched by this devastating disease called colorectal cancer...and that makes us true brothers and sisters in this war against the beast...
Unless I am wrong..the idea behind the palooza's is to put a face to a name for those who are able to travel ..and for those who can not..we get to see pic's... I don't know about anyone else but to me that is comforting..here we are baring our souls to "strangers" who could be "god knows who" and it is nice to see that the people we share our innermost feelings with are "real people" and not maybe predators or pretenders....
So- I hope the palooza's continue...and hope that the attendees at Halifax let us know when and where the next one will be held?? (but I do hope that one day as many people as possible can come to a palooza in Niagara Falls...)
I do not know what I would do without this "anonymous" support system..but I am so very grateful and hope one day to repay the help it has given.

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Very kind post, Bev...Thank you.

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I'd go to Niagra in a minute!

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What a nice post. this site helped me so much when I was struggling with treatments. It was nice to know that everything that I was going through both emotionally and physically was what everyone else was going through.

I try to read all the posts, but I don't always respond.


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