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this sounds soooooo good.,,.

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For those who like readings stats..there
s finally good news...
This info came from MD
if you want to read the whole story go to :
Again, what Dr. Abdalla and his colleagues found was noteworthy: patients who underwent surgical resection as a primary treatment fared significantly better—in terms of both survival and recurrence—than those who received other primary treatments. Despite advances in chemotherapy, it alone was insufficient: few patients who received chemotherapy as their sole treatment reached the 5-year survival mark, even when metastatic disease was limited to the liver. Survival rates (less than 20% at 5 years) for patients who underwent radiofrequency ablation alone or a combination of radiofrequency ablation and resection paled in comparison with the 5-year survival rate of 58% for patients whose lesions were surgically resected.

Intrigued by the benefit of aggressive approaches to hepatic resection for colorectal metastases, Dr. Abdalla and his colleagues delved further, this time looking only at patients who had solitary liver tumors and who had been treated and undergone thorough radiologic follow-up at M. D. Anderson. Focusing the study on this population ensured the highest standard of documentation for procedures and recurrences. What the researchers found was astonishing: resection of solitary colorectal metastasis was associated with a 5-year survival rate of 71.5%.

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That is good news. Colorectal cancer has always been more of a surgically treated disease if possible with chemo and radiation to be used to increase the chances of survival.

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Well, that is great news for those that are candidates. I don't really like hearing the dismal reports regarding those "just" on chemo like Mark. I already know the statistics but I don't especially like reading them here. This is one of those times I'm grateful he doesn't have a computer.

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I am soooo sorry if I make someone "sad"...it wasnt my intention...
My recurrance is not on the liver...so this doesn't even apply to me..but I'm very happy with these new results..
But I do apologize if this bothered you...we sure do not need this in this site..I just thought it would make some people happy....
God bless

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Alta -

Thanks for your post. I think the majority of us here at the board know that you posted it for good reasons, it is unfortunate when someone fails to recognize that and makes an unwaranted and unkind comment. I am very happy for the people who find good news in this and I hope you keep on passing along such WONDERFUL information. Thank you!

- SpongeBob

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I made the decision to have a resection (yes, it was up to me...sigh) after pre-surgical chemo/rads eliminated any sign of my rectal cancer. I sometimes wonder, since my life has changed (no rectum or sigmoid colon), if it was worth it.
Thank you for the report, I feel better about my decision!!!!!

Hugs, Kathi

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