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Soreness in mouth

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My aunt is looking for ways to help treat the burns in her mouth from the radiation therapy. She has fillings and when she has a treatment it seems the radiation bounces off her fillings and adds to the burns. Does anyone have any ideas on how to protect the fillings or to soothe her mouth so she can eat?

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I am so sorry that your aunt is experiencing mouth sores or burns from her radiation treatment.
I am a colon cancer survivor. While I didn't have radiation, there are many on this site that have experienced similar side effects. The quickest way to locate other members, who might can help answer your question, is to use the
search bar on the top of the home page. This will allow you to read other posts from different discussion boards and areas.

I also think her radiologist would want to know any problems she is having, and maybe he could offer some relief. It is important for your aunt to get her nutrients.

Your aunt is blessed to have you as her advocate. Please keep us posted on her progress.


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Thank you so much for your help navigating this site. From what I understand she told her radiologist, but nothing is being done about it. I just talked to a dentist who said that her teeth could have been pulled, but now it was too late.
Thank you again. I'll try the search now.

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Did she discuss it with her oncologist? My daughters doc told us about a mouthwash solution but I cannot remember the ingredients. The only one I can remember was a topical analgesic that decreased the pain and inflammation. Sorry I can't help more. A suggestion - call a pediatirc oncologist office.

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