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Oh boy, let the fun begin

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Hi all. I just wanted to share with you that I am driving the porcelan caddy today... in .... oh let's say a couple of hours. Yes, I am starting my prep for tomorrows annual exam.

Please please please pray for good results. If all goes well tomorrow I am that much closer to being NED for two whole years (still have to have that pesky Cat scanned the beginning of Nov to make sure) Plus I will not have to (hopefully) go through this again for a couple of two or three years.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.


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Good luck on results. Wow! Two whole years! jams

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Good vibes coming your way.

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It will be over before you know it, you can put it all 'behind' you (sorry, couldn't resist!)....AND....you will be NED!!!!! Yea!!!!!

Hugs, Kathi

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Hello Tricia, You are probably finished by now. Hope it went well. lets know the outcome.

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sending positive thoughts and always prayers!

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