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So, What Now?

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Hello Semi-colon family,
It's Mary from WI again and I know, I know... although I haven't posted in awhile; I do try to read through these posts everyday.

And everytime I read through them I am just flabbergasted at how "wonderful" each and every one of you are on here! ; )

Also, I wanted to give you all an "update" on my mom and ask some of you... so what now?

In a nutshell... my mom has Stage IV Colon Cancer with metastisis to her liver and lungs and has finished 12 treatments of 5FU, Avastin, Levori-blah-blah, Oxaiplat-blah-blah. And awesomely enough; through it all she only got sick on her first treatment with normal blood counts all the way through.

Yeah, I know... her oncon. called her "his miracle patient" and boy did she "love" that! ; )

So, almost a week and a half ago she had the surgery to reverse her colostomy; and how even happier my mom is about that but...

So, What Now?

Her oncon. told me that my mom has been given the most abrasive chemotherapy treatment to be given. I asked him if they could remove the tumors in her liver and lungs and he said although they could; both surgerys are risky and very painful.

According to her most recent CT scan; the tumors in her liver and lungs are still there; but have not grown or spread. We have an appt. with her oncon. 11/15 to discuss these matters further...

But I guess I was just wondering what I should be expecting next? My mom attitude and spirituality is SO amazing. She is SO strong, such a fighter, and says that although she's left everything in God's hands - in her heart she doesn't feel it's her time to go so...

OMG... now I see what happens when I don't most more often; all of you have to suffer through my babbling novels here! ha! ha!

Anyway, I was just wondering if any of you could talk to me more about this and what your take would be on this as well.

Again, I pray every night for each and everyone of you; and I thank God too that he has brought me to all of you! ; )

Much Love,
Mary from WI

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Hi Mary from WI,

It's good to hear from you. I am very pleased to hear that your mother's treatments went very well.

Ok, here is my opinion and only my opinion...

If it were me, and my tumors were operable, I would want them out of there. I guess you have to weigh the risks. Which is riskier: (1) having the tumors there or (2) having the surgery to remove the tumors. In everything I have heard, it is always better if they are operable and taken out. There are many of us here that have had one or more surgeries and many that have had liver and/or lung surgery. Hopefully they will put their 2 pennies in the pot.

Second, you can never go wrong with a second or third or even fourth opinion. Have you spoke with a surgeon? Maybe you should take the opinion of the surgeon, the onc and maybe get an additional set of opinions from each?

BTW, I just love it when I see that other's write novels as well :)

Take care and many hugs


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I don't know anything about lung surgery. I had a colon and liver resection and lymph nodes removed. I am 62 and was able to recover and make it through chemo fairly well. I was told that the liver grows back in 8 to 10 weeks. If you opt for the surgery, be sure to get the best surgeon available. That will make a big difference in the outcome. jams

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Mary, so good to hear from you again! I was beginning to worry. Great news about your mom...but then, look at the daughter she has to keep her spirits up!!!!
I had the 'choice' to have the bowel resection. The pre-surgical chemo/rads did so well that there was no sign left of the cancer, even with an ultrasound-endoscopy! I am a worry-wart, so I went ahead and had the surgery. I lost my rectum and sigmoid colon, and, yes, there HAS been some 'adjusting' of my lifestyle. But, I don't regret having the site removed...I REALLY don't want the beast to have a standing invitation to return!!!
I was amazed the first time I heard that the liver grows back...WOW! What a fantastic thing our body is!!!
Ask Mom what SHE wants to do...and then the decision that is made, is the right decision...no regrets, even if down the road things change....NO "I suddas"!!!! (My resection, as of the pathology, was not indicated....no cancer...BUT, that just gives me MORE hope of NO MORE BEAST!!!!)

Hugs, Kathi

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HI Mary,
I also was Stage IV and had CC spread to my liver and lungs. Over the period of time I had 3 surgeries and chemo X2. If you want all the details and timeline you can look at my personal web page.
It is my opinion that her best chance of cure is to have the surgery. I do not recall how old your mother is, and I was only 31&33 when I had the liver and then lung operations. However, I would suggest that she have the lung surgery done laproscopically. This is a much less invasive procedure and has a shorter recovery time than the "open procedure" like I had.
It is true, the surgeries are not easy, but if she is in decent shape physically, then that is what I would do. Unless, on the other hand, she is very old and not in good condition.
Sounds like she handled the chemo well though, so I would say, go for it. Of course it is painful and of course you feel as if you've been bitten by a shark for a while, but if she has a good outlook and gets up and walks around, exercises, etc. then she should be fine.
Just my opinion,

P.S. Funny the doc said the surgeries were painful/ how would he know? LOL.

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I'm stage IV-mets to lungs. Have you gotten a 2nd opinion-(preferably from a major cancer center) regarding what's possible? I've been told that lung surgery is only a possibility if there are just a few mets..don' know about the liver mets.
There are others in similar situations on this site..I'm sure you will hear from them. Bud

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