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Thanks from Andyman CP4

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Just a quick note to say thank you to ACS for their part in CP4 it was very much appreciated and was excellent!!! Before CP4 I thought NS stood for Nova Scotia but actually it stands for NO SLEEP !!! It has been a wild time following this group of ladies around,I have been teased kissed, hugged,and made fun of many times. I loved every minute of it!This CP was similar to the others in many ways as it gave everyone an chance to discuss face to face their heart felt love for each other and how much everyone has benefited from this board.There are times when we find that we disagree with some views put forth here but it does not change the fact that this has been a lifeline for many.So once again ladies a big thank you from Andyman for putting up with me and for giving me an opportunity to discuss topics that I normally would never get a chance to.


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Kisses from JerseySue!

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If Sue and I could have been there you would have received a Kerry - Sue Sandwich!!!!

You are the most amazing caregiver and supporter! Thank you for all you do to help us.



P.S. Just wait till CP-5!!!

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I have to say that YOU are the MAN! You were our tour guide, drinking buddy, chauffeur, joke teller and friend...no, make that family. And when I say family, I mean the ones we like....not the ones who pinch your cheeks and leave lipstick kisses on your forehead! You are a very patient man putting up with all us hens!

So, about that magic trick....(tee hee)....I wonder if Kay would "git it!"



P.S. Never wear Bob's shirt again....or better yet, please lend it to the drummer.....lol...(Puh rumpa pump pump!)

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Thanks, Andy, for being so special and making CP4 so memorable. Baby Lisa and Andrew are blessed.

I will write more when I recover from jet lag as well as NS.

I missed the magic trick discussion, but I'm sure I would "get it!"



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I believe that God and all the semi-colons gone before us are watching over these Paloozas..this will grow until nothing can stop it.. Bud

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