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have a question

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On monday I have appoitment with my oncologist, and I was wondering if he is going to order any ct scan or pet scan, I had a pet scan before surgery, is going to be 3 months from surgey, I would like to know more or less what is normal, I think I have read about every 3 month for the first year, any response will help because if he doesn't sugest one I migh tell him. Thanks

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Betina -

It really depends upon your Stage. If you have adjuvant chemo (e.g. as is normal with Stage III) my oncologist says the standard of care is scans every 3 months. I am StageIV - 13+ months NED - and now we have started doing CT and PET scans every 3 months - used to be for the most part every 2 months. (Some people don't believe PET scans are necessary that often, but in my case CT scans are slightly inconclusive so PET is part of the standard regimen).

If you are Stage I or II - especially if you are not having chemo - I am not sure what the protocol is.

Good luck.


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Hi Betina, I was Stage II rectal cancer and it has been 21 months since my surgery (01/05) and I still get CT scans every 3 months. I have never had a PET scan. I guess it depends on what your doctor suggests. Hope this helps. Mary

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Probably depends on what the PET scan read if it was clear you probably won't have another scan so soon.

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I have stage 4 and finished chemo in March. I've had a CT test every 2 or 3 mo. until 10/06 when the onc said since I was NED that I could wait 6 mo. this time. I'm excited about the NED part but even though I hate the CT scans, I'm allergic to the injection and have to take a steroid to counter act it, I feel like there could be something happening and I wouldn't even know it. So I guess my answer to your question would be that your doc will probably have you take one. Let us know how it comes out. Jo Ann

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Everything is normal. My new onc is saying that unless there is a reason, she wants to hold off on doing anything that involves more chemicals...BUT, I had squamous cell carcinoma...so it is a different 'ball game'. I have learned to attempt to work with my medical team....tell them how much I appreciate them....also how I have bouts with 'canceritis' that cause a call and an appointment. They are very accomodating, and if it is warranted, I have more testing (like and MRI for symptoms that could have been brain mets...wasn't, thank goodness!) I WAS told that I will be having colonoscopies yearly for at least 3 years...sigh...since I had 2 cancers spaced so close together.

Hugs, Kathi

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