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Hello everyone. I don't post a lot, but I do read them. You all have helped with so much information. In case anyone has forgotten, I'm the daughter and chief caregiver of a Mom who is now 90. At the age of 89 she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. In late June of 2005 she had a huge surgery. She was bleeding at the time and there really was no other choice. The doctor, bless his soul, took a chance and removed all the cancer he could see. It was a hysterectomy, part of her liver removed and a bowel resection that resulted in a colostomy. It took a lot to get Mom back on her feet again. Here it is October of 2006, and we just had a CT scan. Mom was a little worried that the cancer had recurred because she was having rib pain that would not go away. Well, I am so happy to report that the scans showed no re-growth of any cancer. Nothing but the usual older person's things due to being just plain worn out. But no tumors, no metastes of any kind. Nothing fluid wise. She does have a collapsed bladder..that is the cause of all the frequent potty trips..there is simply nothing in there left to hold it in place. But the cancer has not come back. I think this is a true miracle. Her doctor was amazed when he looked at her scans. I had always hoped that when it came her time to move on it would be just from being old and not the cancer. I wanted to share this with all of you because it is just an amazing story. There is hope. Always. Her original CA-125 was over 800 and the gyno doctor at that time told me it would be two weeks to four months left for her to live. She said that when they got into surgery..which took a little over seven hours..she wanted to just close up and tell Mom that they could do no more. But the other doctor was determined to take care of business because he had promised Mom that he would. To everyone out there who is suffering from this very sneaky disease, please accept my heartfelt admiration. It is amazing what all of you go through in just one days time. I have seen too much this past year not to have been changed by things. And I have nothing but deep respect for all those brave women who battle this. If the story of my Mom gives some encouragement to just one person out there I will be happy. Faith goes a long way even when you think that all the miracles happen to other folks. I wish you all a miracle of your own. And I send a prayer and hug to all of you. Cindy

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I am so moved by your story as I read it this morning. God truly has sent you here to give words of encouragement and hope to ALL of us. I'm so thankful that your Mom is doing well, and that you are receiving such a blessing also! And let's not forget the doctors, for I'm sure they are touched by this also. They live in a world of 'things seen' and most often deal with statistics and facts. So I know the Lord has used your Mom's situation to give them hope also and maybe to realize there is another Great Physician on board!
Thank you again - you have lifted my spirits today.
Hugs and prayers!

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Thank you so much for taking the time to share your good news, Cindy, and bless your Mom, caregivers, and medical staff for going through all this. This prooves what I read: that the chances of survival among we who are "older" is as good as it is for the younger women. There is hope for all of us!

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This is an amazing story, and I'm so glad you've shared it with us! My father-in-law is 90 now, and is a five year colon cancer survivor. He had surgery, but no chemo was suggested because of his age. He has heart problems, and bad knees, but he's alive and doing his hobby with my husband and planning all the time-a real inspiration, as your mother is.

I hope you'll both continue to bask in the light of God for as long as you live. I'm sure it's been shone on you!

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Hi Cindy, What an inspiring and encouraging story! What a 'trooper' your mother must be! It sure goes to show that the doctors don't always know what is going to happen to us.....at best they can only make educated guesses. Much love to you as your mother's caregiver, and give her our love also! Thanks again for the wonderful story, it helps all of us so much. MM

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Thank you for your story. I hope everyone who is battling this disease reads about your mom and is given hope and inspiration to never give up. Thank you!

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Your Mom is a true miracle!!!! I'll be praying for her continued good health!!! floridajo

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I had the news of ovarian cancer at my yearly exam.At surgery I was also given a diagnosis of cervical cancer. I had a hysterectomy with a salpingo oopherectomy and have now been cancer free for 18 mos. I am on a every 4 months schedule for followups and after November if all is well will be on a 6 month schedule. I underwent both chemotherapy and radiation. My family and my faith in God kept and still keeps me positive. I would love to talk to anyone who would like to chat with me.

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I was diagnosised with ovarian cancer in March this year. I had the surgery and have been taking chemo since April. I have 6 more weeks left. I am counting down for sure. So far my news has been good. Original reports were my cancer was in stage 2 and had not spread. I went today for a mamogram concerning a small place in my breast. I'm trying not to be concerned but we all know that's hard. I am trying to stay positive also. I know the Good Lord has left me here for a reason and I'm excited to see what it is. The hardest part for me has been so much alone time. I would love to chat anytime. I pray that you will continue on your road to recovery.

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Hello. You too have had some good news. I don't have experience with chemo but I know some folks who are going through it and I think that is just a hard thing to go through. Harder than the actual disease sometimes. Being alone sometimes gives you the chance to concentrate on YOUR healing and to spend time talking with your God. Use this time to get stronger. I wish you continued healing. Cindy

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Hello, I am so glad to hear your news. I wish you continued healing. Don't ever, ever give up. I think you are in the midst of a miracle. Cindy

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