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Stacy, As an almost 8 year survivor of stage 3 rectal cancer, I know the feelings that you are expressing all too well. There are people on this site who are fighting brave fights against recurring cancer, and sometimes I wonder whether I should even post my own good fortune. however, the new people on this site deserve to know that cancer CAN be cured, and that sometimes things will work out well. I also know the weight that you carry with you. I am 44 and a part of me does not expect to see retirement, given my early struggles with cancer. I never plan too far in advance and always fear a recurrence or new struggle with cancer. Moreover, I carry with me the effects of treatment and surgery. Frequesnt trips to the bathroom, a balky disgestive system, a big scar down the middle of me, a slightly different sex life, etc... I know that I am lucky to have won the fight so far, but that does not minimize what I (or you) have gone through. We are survivors as well, fighting for joy every day on this earth, fighting for joy when we know there is no guarantee. So...LIVE IT UP!!! You are an inspiration to me...and I love to read your posts. Have a great Palooza!

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RunnerZ, I couldn't agree with you more. Stacy has been a fighter and a supporter for the past 5 years. She is one amazing woman.

I am so very happy for her on her celebration of 5 glorious years of dancing with NED.


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I wanted to say that I think everyone here on this site is great! We go through all the good times and the bad with each of the "family" here. I think that each of us should cherish each day even if we are NED or still fighting. Like someone else said... SEMI-COLONS ROCK!

Lisa F.

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WOW! Runner, you have a magnificent story as well. I am almost at the 2 year mark on my stage III rectal....and feeling a little anxious. Yes, I am different physically as well...I started 2 years ago with a healthy, no-scar body...now I have a customized 'Zipper' on my belly, 2 2-inch scars on my left breast, a blue 'pool' on the same breast from the node dye that didn't go away, EVEN hair that I lost during my breast cancer that has returned in a color and style that I don't recognize (Sometimes I have to do a double take if I catch myself in the mirror). But, like you, I am living, and don't try to dwell too much. There is a purpose for our survival, and it's something other than worrying about reoccurance. I laugh about something every day, and am pretty open about my need for a bathroom when it happens...I say it's the one cancer where I can talk freely about the color, consistency, and frequency, without trouble (hehehehehehehe).
Thank you SO MUCH for sharing your fabulous story!!!
Hugs, Kathi

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Well said Runner. And I might add that even to I am over 2 years NED I still fear the worst. I always like and quote Kay(Kanort).....BELIEVE.
Stacy offers so much hope to everyone here and especially our new friends. But although we all can believe I think it is fair to say that even tho some of us are fortunate enough to be NED there will always be that ounce of fear in us. Many of my friends see me as being over cancer and yes...I do I hope that it is gone forever. But people can not see the fear we still have inside. The fear of re-ocurrance, the fear of possibly having to go thru surgery again and the fear of possibly having to re-do chemo. I do hold those fears but try to cope with it. I am sure many feel the same. To get to the milestone of 5 years NED, as with Stacy does not necessarily mean she does not still hold some concerns.
Stacy.....you are a wonder girl who has fought tha beast...won.....and hopefully with all our hearts you will forever be NED.
I wanna get to 5 years too.....I believe!
huggs Ross n Jen

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