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Anyone have complex cyst on US turn out to be cancer?

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Hello Dear Ladies. Hope all of you are doing well.

I posted a message a month or so ago about some of the things I have been suffering from. Thank you all for your responses. They helped me out a lot and caused me to be more pushy with my doctor. I finally got to see my GP and was able to talk him into a CT scan of my whole abdomen. I had a cyst in May 2005 when I had a transvaginal ultrasound done before a D&C to stop mid-cycle bleeding. No one seemed to be worried about it and he said it is nothing to worry about, that they form quite often after ovulation. I have read many stories of women who are still ovulating and have cysts. Most of their doctors were concerned with the cysts and did follow up tests to determine if it was just a cyst. I just wonder why every doctor isn't concerned when cysts form in women who are still ovulating because many of these cysts turned out to be a problem. I just can't understand why they don't want to look into things more. Granted, most of the time it is nothing, but you never know and it is our only body and they should be more sensitive to our concerns. He obviously didn't think there would be anything there because he said he would discuss the CT results with me at my next appointment in 6 weeks! I knew he thought I was nuts when he looked at me funny, but that confirmed it. He thinks I am too young (38) to have any serious problems and that my being overweight is the cause of all my problems. He never takes me seriously so he is going to soon be my former GP.

Anyway, I had my CT scan last Friday and got a call on Monday saying that the cyst is still there and they wanted me to have an ultrasound. I had it on Tues. morning. The tech said my doctor should get the results by Friday, but his nurse called me at 8:30 Wed. morning to refer me to my ob/gyn because the cyst is complex (and my GP will not do anything if it involves gynecology). Of course, stupid me didn't ask what it had in it or if it was larger than it was in 2005 (although I am pretty sure it is as I have been having a lot of pain that I didn't have then). So, I have an appointment with my ob/gyn on Monday morning. I was just wondering if any of you had had this type of cyst and if it turned out to be more than a cyst. Should I insist on a laparoscopy to investigate it further? I am afraid my ob/gyn is going to want to do birth control pills and I don't want to go in that direction especially since it has been there for 1 1/2 years and hasn't gone away. I don't think BCPs will work and it would be a waste of time. I just want to get things looked at and hopefully fixed so I can feel better and can work on my weight and stress levels. I would appreciate any insights you may have.

Thank you and God Bless all of you!

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It is good that you insisted on a CT. First, complex cyst are not always cancerous. How is your relationship with your gynecologist? Would he be willing for your piece of mind to do a laproscopy? I would also ask for a CA125 blood test. The test is not always accurate but it wouldn't hurt. I wish you luck and hope that you are able to have a somewhat worry free weekend. Sending good thoughts your way!

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Jami's right - ask for a CA125 blood test. Although not conclusive (and it would help if you had one before to determine a baseline), it can be a good diagnositic tool in additional to everything else. BCP seem to be the answer to everything nowadays. I would definintely decline on those until cancer has been DEFINITELY RULED OUT. Gynecologic cancers can sometimes be encouraged with estrogen-type products. With my OVCA experience I can tell you that estrogen is a 'NO-NO!' for me.
Anyway, let us know how things go. I'm sending prayers and hugs out your way!

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I have a feeling that your og/gyn will be doing some more tests since you are being referred to him. I had cysts on my ovaries quite a few times. I had a laparoscopic surgery because of some problems, that I was having and at that time there was a cyst on my ovary. He took several pictures so I was able to see cyst on my ovary. He still says that that cyst had nothing to do with my cancer. Having cysts on the ovaries are common but yours being complex is deffinantly something that needs to be investigated. Wishing you the best of luck! Paula

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Start writing down any questions you have, so you'll remember to ask them, and check the list to make sure they've been answered! I wimped out at least once at getting all of my questions answered, and had to call back.

I hope you know the relationship between being overweight and cancer, especially gynecologic cancers. I do, and fight with my weight all of the time. Estrogen is stored in body fat, and the more of it is available, the more estrogen is stored. So your doctor may be right, but doesn't mean you don't need treatment for anything, just that he may be prejudiced-I hope you'll get another doc. Maybe your gynecologist will be more empathetic.

I tried to find your earlier post to refer to - did you use another screen name?

I was given a double shot of DepoProvera to curtail the excessive bleeding I was having prior to my cancer diagnosis. I'm now fairly certain that it attributed to the pulmonary embolism (blood clot) that I had, so I'd really question the doctor if that is suggested.

I'd suggest trying yoga for stress, regardless of what weight you're at. It's a good way to take time to examine yourself, inside and out!

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Thank you for your responses. I really appreciate it.

I just wanted to update you a little. I saw my ob/gyn and found out that the cyst is approx. 6.5 cm and, since it is fairly big and has been causing me pain, he recommended laparoscopy to remove it. He thinks he will be able to drain the fluid then remove the tissue parts of the cyst. He will also submit it for pathology just to make sure it isn't anything. I really hope that after it has been removed that I will stop having all the symptoms I mentioned earlier (I think my first post is on page 4 or 5, subject Symptom details), then maybe I can concentrate on losing weight. I know my weight is a problem and really want to get it down. I understand where my doctor is coming from when he blames my problems on weight, but I feel that he needs to rule out other possibilities beforehand. Overweight people have more health problems, so it just baffles me that doctors don't look into their problems sooner rather than later. Also, he doesn't offer a diet plan, he just says exercise and isn't very helpful in the diet area (he doesn't even give me a dietician to go to. He could at least do that). In general, I wish that doctors would just listen to us and take our problems seriously.

Again, thank you all for your responses. Hope all of you are doing well and may God bless each and every one of you.

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