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Chemo ended 6 months ago - WBC

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Hi again,

Forgot to ask another question :

How long did it take your white blood cells to get back to normal after finishing treatment?

I finished chemo 6 months ago. My white blood cells are still just below the low normal. They seem to be stuck there. 3 months ago the count was exactly the same - just below normal.

I take Maitake - D, which is supposed to stimulate WBC, and sometimes take Vit C as well.

Any other suggestions?


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This is gonna sound a little different - are you eating enough protein? Protein helped to raise my WBC level during chemo. I had two shots of nopogen, which I really didn't like. So I got off the vegetarian diet and upped my protein intake, that got my bloodworks normal and stayed normal. Go figure! Just make sure you are eating enough protein, some animal protein because they are more complete.


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