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CT clear

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Just wanted to share some good results. CT scan yesterday was clear. I had a chest xray done today, that I don't have results from, but everything so far looked good.

So according to my doctor I am now year and half without a recurrence. Which means only 6 months more being past the 2 year mark of when most recurrences happen. (Although I still consider myself only to be 6 months NED - I am counting from my last chemo. He counts from day of my first chemo in Mar 2005)

I'm still a little skeptical that I am going to make it. I had what was described as a huge rectal tumor and likely lymph node involvement. The tumor was about 3 cm long and nearly all the way around the circumfrence. Anyways just my current doubt in my noggin...but I need to banish it from my head and enjoy the nice results today!

It helps that we are having lots of beautiful sunny days here this early fall in Seattle, which is a little unusual. Trying to get out on some walks/hikes. I also just started exercising with Team Survivor Northwest, which is an exercise organization for women cancer survivors. They have lots of activities and are a real fun bunch.

I hope everyone is doing ok. My thoughts and prayer are with those who are struggling.

Best Wishes Everyone,

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It's great to hear your good news. Keep NED. It may not matter when you start your count of days but just keep them coming.

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What great news. Go out and celebrate. I started my official counting as the day of my surgery. I celebrate all milestones though --- the day I was diagnosed, the day of surgery, the last day of chemo, when I have a cat scan, when I have a colonoscopy. You get the picture.

I am so happy for you.


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Marla, That is wonderful!!! I just got my results back too and am NED, a year from surgery, with stage 4. I don't have to have another CT for 6 mo. We have a lot to be thankful for. Jams

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Congratulations on the clear scan!!! That is great news. Try to stay positive. Just remember you can beat this thing. You've beaten it so far! Make sure you go out and celebrate the wonderful news!!!


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Happy Dance here! (I'll leave the naked part for Kathi since I'm again at work... LOL) This is GREAT news Maria! Like someone said, I think we need to all count every day as a blessing and enjoy it. Sounds like the weather is great to get out and enjoy. HUGS.

Lisa F.

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Maria - that is great news.

Enjoy those nice Fall days and celebrate your success. (It sure isn't clear WHEN to start counting, but every NED day is great and the counting is for statisticians - who may have no clue what they are counting since we patients don't even know "when to count from"!

Take care,

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Lisa Rose
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You are doing SO well! I am glad with each passing day you are getting further from your diagnosis and closer to cured!


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