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Colonoscopy today

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The dr said that eveything was normal! Thanks for all the support and advice. I am not really sure where I go from here, he suggested physical therapy?? But I do not know what I would have done without all of you. Going into it I was so very scared but after reading this board my fears were not nearly as strong. Even this morning I wasn't nearly as worried as I thought I would be. Thanks again for all the support you have given me and you are all still in my thoughts daily. I wish everyone the best.


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Congratulations on great results. This is great news. But do not stop here. There is something going on since you were/are in pain. Next steps to consider is upper endoscopy, ERCP test where they look at the beginning of the pancreatic duct. If all that is negative they may need to do a contrast test where they have a small bowel follow through.

I have been through situation when no doctors could determine what was wrong with me. And yet, I could not funtion at all. My physician refused to treat me and referred me to a psychiatrist. When they can not determine the problem, they say it is in the mind. Fortunately for me, I went to a certified nutritionist (by pure sweep of luck) who quickly determined the cause of my illness. By following her recommendations I was able to get back on my feet.

So, don't stop and don't follow physical therapy suggestion. Insist on further tests. I am used to the fact that one needs to fight for one's right to survive.

If you are no longer in pain, something that caused the pain has to be figured out anyway. Maybe it was pacreatitis or other inflammation, have them answer to you.

Best wishes, Eleonora

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I agree with Eleonora. Physical therapy is likely not the answer if you had such severe abdominal pain. I have been in medical practice for 38 years and would recommend you have the further tests. They may be fine and that will help to give you further confidence that there is nothing serious happening to you.


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But maybe do some physical therapy, too, just on the off chance your doctor is giving you good advice.


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1 more thought: you said you have been to GYN and they said you were fine. Have they done ultrasound? This is very complicated area and they check it in the dark (I mean they can not see with their eyes, you know what I mean..). There could be something hidden there. They can do abdominal and intravaginal ultrasound. This way that area could be ruled out.

Also: apendicitis.

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I have not had an ultrasound but will call the gyn about that. That is something he had mentioned to me if the colonoscopy came back clear. Any suggestions as to what that might find or any other tests I should ask him for? (remember I don't have much time to be off work before they fire me)

Oh and appendix I no longer have so that shouldn't be an issue.

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Hi Beth,

I sent you another e-mail before reading this post. I just thought of this. When I was younger (13yrs old) I was in great pain in my abdomin. Drs couldn't find anything so I also went the "psychiatrist" route for a while. It was finally found by mistake that I had a gall stone. I can't remember if they did any tests like that. I remember the pain was horrible and in my abdomin. Good Luck and don't let them just brush this under the table. With all the pain you were in, it has to have been caused by something. HUGS.


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