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CAT scan showed significant growth - Started Doxil today

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Hi everyone, Just wanted to let everyone know that my CAT scan came back and it showed that the desease has increased significantly since the CAT scan I had in May. When I finished chemo in January my CA125 was 7.8. It started to go back up and was as high as 247.7. They started me on Topotecan in June. My numbers started to come down slowly but when I started my 3rd round they started to go back up. It was at 211 when the oncologist decided to send me for this last CAt scan. I just had my first treatment of Doxil today. Or as the nurse calls it "Hawiian Punch" since that is what it looks like!! This drug has a coating which allows it to evade detection and destruction by the immune system, which increases the time the drug is in the body. Hopefully it will do the trick. So far I am feeling okay. I'll let everyone know how it goes in the next few weeks. Hope everyone else is doing well! I am sending out prayers and hugs to all my OVC sisters out there!

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Hi Nicol, I hope you get good results with the doxil. I did get the hand/foot syndrome but I feel so well. My numbers are going down three points at a time, but that is the right direction! CT has shown a small increase in the size of tumour but they determine my disease stable at this point, so if that's what they say, I am happy with that too. Winni

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I am so sorry to hear the results showed such an increase. I know that it is hard to do but stay positive and I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers that you have good results.
Big Hugs to you!!!!

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My prayers are with you for good results and the strength to 'weather this storm'. Keep in touch.
Hugs and prayers
Another OVC Sister!

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Winni, Jami, & Monika...Thanks for all the well wishes. Got my first "Hawiian Punch" Cocktail yesterday. That's what my son called it because that is exactly what it looked like! My son is 18 and has been going with me for treatments since it is in between his college classes. I was a little nervous about having him come with me but I think it has made him more aware of what is going on and is truely helping him!
So far I have been feeling okay but that is probably because all of the predrugs they gave me haven't warn off yet. We'll see how the next few days go!
Well thanks agin for all of your support. Please know that I am praying for all of you too!!! Hugs....Vicki

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Hi Vicki, My onc/gyn gave me a choice between Doxil and Topetecan. I choose the Doxil, because it has a better response rate, and the side effects were minimal. I finished the Doxil in Jan. 06 with a ca-125 of 7.8, then in March it was 5.1. Just recently my numbers are going back up and the CT scan shows something brewing!!!! Back to the Doxil...it worked for me...I found it easy to tolerate. I had some side effects but nothing like carbo/taxol. If I count the months of infusion of Doxil to now, I have enjoyed 15 months of living...not bad!!! It does however takes it's sweet time to start working, I went through all 6 cycles with no change in my ca-125, 30 days after my last tx. that's when my numbers came down. Good luck....smiles and (((hugz))) floridajo

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