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Just a passing thought...

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As you all know, I was on the list twice...rectal cancer followed by breast cancer...I am thinking how it changed my life...some VERY good things, some, well, challenging things. I count in the VERY good column all of you. Even with all of our differences, we are family.
And, I just realized...I wear a pink band, and a blue band....together that makes purple which is the survivor/hope color...WOW! Hey, maybe THAT is why I am now NED!!!
Hugs to all of you, you all brighten my day!

Hugs, Kathi

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Hi Kathi!!!

HUGS back to you too! You always brighten my day and the same with everyone here. Everyone is always in my thoughts even when I can't get on the site because of "Life". I don't know what I would have done without everyone here. I wear a blue band right now and plan on getting an Orange for Leukima and Light blue for Prostrate for my dad. What does Orange and blue make?? Hopefully a good color for NED too. LOL.

Lisa F.

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Kathi -

You are ever the optimist! But, hey, I have a purple band! (My daughter gave it to me when I early into my diagnosis - oddly - though I didn't tell her - the word "Hope" on the band depressed rather than inspired me. Interesting, probably pretty transparent psychology here. Now - if it said something like FIGHT, I think I might have liked it more. But since my good results, I like it better, but I still prefer the "live strong" type of message to the "hope" message which kind of conjures up some "hope against all hope" thoughts which are really not all that healthy.

Take care,
Betsy (who has revealed more about her inner workings than she probably intended!)

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congrats on your NED. you go girl. Attitude makes the day. wishing you many more NED's

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