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Got results of ct scan on same day as scan. First let me tell you what treatmnts I have ndergone so far.
Oct 04 colon resection. unresectable liver mets found.

Dec 04. commenced folfiri treatment with avastin. Then for a tine avastn only.
Avastin ceased to ne effective, so next was oxi with a 5fu push for couple of months.

Then for six months up to present, irinotecan plus erbitux.

This has proved ineffective also.

From tomorrow xeloda only.

Has anybody been through this type of treatments and now only on xeloda.Also have numerous lung mets. Thanks in anticipation.


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Hi there,
You sound like my husband, he had surgery July 05, same kind of darned liver mets. He has had lots of 5FU, with avastin, oxiplatin, initial small shrinkage and then it stopped, no change, then avastin alone, it grew slightly, now xeloda and avastin, and it is stable, not growing, not shrinkage. He isn't too fond of the xeloda, had an initial dose of 4000, it is now reduced to a daily dose of 3000. The first dose made him very tired and he is usually a busy active guy. The lower dose helps a lot with the energy. The xeloda mades his tummy a bit "off" on the two weeks he takes it, the one week off is good. You also really have to take care of your hands and feet, keep them lubricated so you don't get that dry cracking thing. Good thing about xeloda is you can travel and live your life. We haven't done erbitux, kind of waiting to use the pantinumumab when everything else stops working. We feel safe having a drug we haven't used. for the record, our surgeons gave my husband 23 months to live. What baloney, we have traveled, golf, and rock and rolled this past year. The cancer treatment has been only a part of our lives.
Best of luck,

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Oh Margo, as always you are in my prayers. I can't help with the treatment---- mine is too oldfashioned now.
You are in my thoughts big time.

Love Virginia.

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Hi Margo - I missed your message before I sent mine. I am going to start on Xeloda alone on Sunday so I am looking for the same kind of information that you are. Hope we get some good news. I will be taking 3000 mg a day - what about you?


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Margo -
My situation is different, but the Xeloda side effects will vary based upon dose and of course your individuality. Diarrhea is a common side effect - it may well just be "episodic" and controllable with a couple of doses of Immodium, but still, you may well notice it. Tiredness may be an effect - since I also had oxaliplatin at the time I never knew which drug caused tiredness, but I KNEW the Xeloda (metabolized into 5FU) was the diarrhea culprit.

I can't help with lung met / Xeloda question, but I sure hope it helps and will be thinking of you.

WIshing you good luck with this treatment,


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