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Vitamin C, IV ???

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Asked my onco today about that..actually, I didn't ask, I told him that I wanted done...his response ? nope...if he doesn't believe in it, he will not do it...Who else can do this ? Can my family Dr. do it ? Onco said that insurance won't pay for it....do not care at this time...I just want someone to do it..I don't think I have anything to lose...any suggestions ????
Another sad news today....my dad was dx with pancreatic cancer today...do not know how I am to work this out, cause he just moved in with me...I decided to bring him from Florida because he also has alzhaimer.....
But God is with us and He will help us out some how...
One good news ??? I have overpaid my Dr. with bills that the insurance should have covered...wwweeeeeee
God bless u all...

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Your plate is pretty full. I don't know how you stay so strong... I'll be praying for your dad. And I am throwing massive prayers heavenward that the Good Lord lead you to that doctor who will help you do the Vitamin C infusion that you want to do to fight the beast....

Hang in there.... God is truly with you...

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Look into Dr. Kelly for pancreatic cancer cure. He used enzymes with great success. Go to www.curezone.com and do a search on him.

As for Vit C there ARE alternative clinics that will do this. Search and you will find. Going to your onc for this is like going to your plumber asking him to fix your car. It ain't gonna happen!

good luck!

peace, emily

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the naturopath my husband went to suggested Vit C via IV..we opted not to at this point since chemo sems to be working ok..but we asked our onc about it and he said yes, he had seen some info on trials etc that showed promise with vit c (thru IV only..not the same benefit if taken by mouth)...so- you may wish to try calling some naturopaths..good luck and let us know what happens.

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Vit C is so well absorbed orally it is hard to believe that is any better getting it IV. Excess vit C that you take in is excreted in the urine. Thus if you are on really high doses you need to make sure you are getting alot of fluids as there is an increased risk of developing kidney stones.


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Some people have trouble with high doses of vit c orally. It can cause diarrhea. I've had 2 naturopaths bring up the option of iv vit c. Both felt I didn't need it yet, but both are able to provide it in their office. You can try to locate one locally.

I am sorry to hear of your dad's news. There is a woman in my local support group who has been treating pancreatic cancer for some time now (not sure of how long exactly. I'm a fairly new member there). She looks wonderful, though admits she doesn't always feel wonderful. She's been able to see her daughter marry and see her grandson's (her stepson's son) baptized.
While there's still breath there's still hope.

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Hi Alta,

I'm sorry to hear about the reoccurance. Sending good vibes. Also, I found out that some naturopaths are covered under insurance. I was suprised to see some in my insurance coverage but non in my area. HUGS for you and your dad.

Lisa F.

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