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liver met

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Hello everyone, My twin sister was just diagnosed with stage iv melanoma. There is one met in her liver. I am looking to hear from anyone that has gone through treatment for this, how you felt during treatment, and if it worked? I really need some hope. Reading about it on the internet doesn't really sound promising. We are only 32.

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I am sorry to hear about your twin sister. I have stage III melanoma (I had a thick primary and lymph node involved but not beyond that). The MPIP is an online support group with a number of long term Stage IV melanoma survivors, including people who have had treatment for liver metatstases. You might check it out at http://www.mpip.org/bb/bbindex.html If you go to that site and post with liver mets in the subject you will find others in a similar situation to your sister. Best wishes, Carver

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