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Mother has optical Melanoma

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My mother was just dx with optical melanoma. She has not been staged yet. The size is 16mm and she was told that her eye would have to be removed. We are looking for support from others out there who have been through this. She is so scared and is in need of support.

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Hi Dawn,

I don't have the same cancer but wanted to respond to your post. Maybe if you call the ACS in your area they can help you with some of your questions about the cancer. The website is sometimes a wealth of knowledge. I have colon cancer stage 3 and I usually post under that discussion board. We had someone remind us to go to other boards since ours is so active to help others with Cancer. I think just knowing someone else with cancer can help. I have gone through chemo and I'm waiting on some tests to see if I'm NED (no evidence of disease). I had the tumor and some of my colon removed Dec. 2005. If you ever want to e-mail me on this site just either look me up under "user directory". Lfondots63 or click the little e-mail icon under my post. I'm sure right now everyone's head is spinning with the diagnoses and what has to be done. Your mother is lucky to have you looking into things for her. My dad was diag. with prostrate cancer and CLL (a form of Leukemia) so I know how hard it is to have a parent sick. My dad was 69 when dx with prostrate cancer. How old is your mom? HUGS to you.

Lisa F.

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Like Lisa, whom I salute for her eloquent response, I am surviving from a different cancer. But in many respects, they are not so different from one another. In your message, the operative word seems to be "fear" and that is something that travels across the realm of cancer, without boundaries. I would advise that both you and your mom get involved in the chats herein, as well as with the discussions (as you have done) and that you seek therapy of the mental kind for your mom. There is sometimes nothing more helpful than having someone else to share your burden and with whom to discuss your fears and anxieties. Often, improvement in mental outlook leads to dramatic improvement in physical prognosis as well. I wish both you and your mom the very best. Be strong, but don't forget to laugh, to smile. To enjoy life and one another. Take care.

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