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Help...Don't know what to do update...

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Thank you to all that replied to my first post. I did demand that my family Dr. have an ultrasound done and that was completed this past Wednesday, now I am waiting for my results. It has been agony this week with the cramping and now yesterday afternoon I began spotting again. I am going on three weeks with severe symptoms and have made up my mind that I will not stop this time until I have an answer to my problem. I will let you all know how my test results come out. I will also keep all of you in my prayers and thank you again for your posts.

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Praying for good results and your peace of mind. Hugs.

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Stay strong, think good thoughts and we will do the same!

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I wish you the best and send prayers for you. not knowing is so hard, I spotted for a little over a year , my family Dr. said it was just menepause. he gave me some hormones to take . I brought them home and called the phone nurse and told her I was'nt going to take them and that I wanted them to send me some where for test, and they did. The obgyn did a biopsy it came back cancer. endomentrial cancer. It went into the uterus up the fallopiann tube and into the ovary. I have eighteen more days of radiation and then begin chemo. You be strong and we will wish you well.10-10-06

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