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CT Scan results...need help

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First a little backround. i was dx. 11/04 stage 3c OVCA. Went through 6 tx. carb/taxol was told my ct scan clear,numbers were low. So I had a sls where it could be seen that I still had more ca inside, also all 15 biopies came back positive for OVCA. So I had 6 tx. of Doxil finished that in 1/06 and once again told I was NED, no further tx. In March ca-125 was even lower!!! The went to onc/gyn in July the Ca-125 had trippled, a ct scan ordered. I just stopped at the hospital for the results. That bring us current. The CT scan reveals 3 nodules... and free standing fluid around the liver and right paracolic gutter. There is also something on the right kidney, that it stated is: probable simple cyst. however it does recommend a HIDA scan. I guess the part that scares me is the 3 nodules, but especially the return of fluid...isn't that how OVCA cells travel to other organs???? I would appreciate all your opinions, I haven't heard from my onc...but I do have an appt. on Oct 27th. any thougths ladies???? Thanks in advance..smiles and (((hugz)))...Joanne

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I don't have any knowledge on your findings but I wanted to let you know that I am thinking of you! Can you get an earlier appt. with your Oncologist? My opinion would be to call the office today and ask if they can work you in as soon as possible. There is no reason to have to wait and worry that long. Good luck and I will keep you in my prayers!

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Joanne, you sound like me. I don't wait on results either. I may have to wait on the DR but not the test results. It sounds like you will be having further testing. If it is back, you may want to try to get into a clinical trial. They are trying some new combinations of chemos. One new one really seems to be working on BonnieR. I don't know the answer about the fluid. I was always the type that couldn't stand to wait on anything and I still will not wait on test results when I know that they are ready. I have changed a lot though. Now I think waiting is good at times. My cancer may be coming back (maybe not) and another cat scan was scheduled for 3 months. Maybe it has gone to my brain (Ha!) but I told my GYN that it gives me 3 more months to do whatever. Call your DR if you want answers and more tests, now, if not try not to worry and let it get you down. I wish you the best of luck. Paula

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