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update/prevent recurrence?

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It has been a while since I last posted. But I would like to share the news of my dad's Pet scan from yesterday, it showed that there is no evidence of cancer cells in his body besides some cysts/scar from his liver resection in May. THis is really good news to us and we are relieved to say the least.

A brief update on my dad since it has been a while. He was diagnosed NOvember 2005, stage 4 with 8 liver mets. Colon resection in December, then 8 rounds of chemo on Xeloda, Oxilaplatin and Avastin. Liver resection in 2006 April, with hepatic pump (5-Fu), Xeloda, cpt-11, Avastin. Doctor stopped chemo because dad lost too much weigh. The blisters and sores on his hands and feet drove him crazy as well as the diarrhea from cpt-11. Pet scan yesterday was clear.

Now, dad has to focus on recuperating. Scouty has been really helpful sharing her regimen. Thank you. I learn so much from reading all your posts. Now got to do a search on preventing recurrence. Any thoughts on this?

God bless you all,

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Oh Carm,

I am crying as I read your message and am thrilled for you, your Dad, your family and friends. BUT you are so right about being vigilant in preventing the ******* cells from reinvading his body. Let me know if there is anything else I can do to help (I have to stop I am crying and so very happy). You made my day.

Very special hugs to you,

Lisa P.

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One thing he can do to prevent a recurrence, which has actually been scientifically proven, is to increase his exercise. I do not know how old your father is, but it has been shown that folks who exercise, even a moderate amount, are not as prone to a recurrence. I have avoided a recurrence thus far by trying to limit my intake of refined sugar. I follow a low glycemic diet. If you do not know about this, you can Google it. It is essentially a diabetics diet. I also take supplements including citrus pectin, multi-vitamins, green foods, and fish oil.. I highly recommend consulting a naturopathic physician. There is also the acid/alkaline diet which I am sure Scouty has mentioned to you.
The mind/body connection is also something I believe strongly in. It may sound "new age" to you, but if you are following Lisas recommendations, you may consider reading up on this as well. Your father needs to try to get to the root of the problem, of which cancer is the outcome. I don't know if he is open to this sort of thing, but it has helped me. I am still working on being less negative, forgiving the past, and so forth. I also try to omit all negative thoughts regarding my health from my reperatoire, although some times this is easier said than done. I know your father will face many doctors appointments and tests in his future, but he is healed. He needs to believe that this is true, now and permanently!
Take care,

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Really delighted to hear about your dad.


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Naked happy dance!!!!

Nutrition, WATER!!!!, exercise...mental attitude...laugh at something every day!!!!
Dad has been given the gift of life. Open each day as if it is a present, all wrapped in brightly colored paper!

Hugs, Kathi

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