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(((((((Stacey))))))) Congratulations Stacey, you have been a beacon in the dark for many on this board, with each year you glow brighter. Stay well Ron.

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(BLUSH) Thanks, Ron. YOU are MY inspiration!


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Congratulations, Stacey!! Ron said it best.

Sorry I wasn't able to reply to the original message.


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Ron you are so right.

I thank you for your post, but in an election year here in the US, everyone seems to go cynical, especially this year.
I feel some people on the board seem to be concentrating on their own issues and could care less about the others that helped them along their way. I didn't expect the "newbies" to respond about Stacy's wonderful anniversary and contribution post on this site, but I DID EXPECT IT FROM THE "OLDTIMERS"!!!!!! The sad news is the newbies were much more vocal then then those of us that have known her the longest. Shame on us.

When I first joined the board 2 1/2 years ago, it was serious at times, but folks also shared personal celebrations, stories, and laughs (not jokes of the day, real time laughs). It was so much more personal and a significant celebration post got almost as many responses as a death one did. The reality of the beast and the board dictates that, but I feel we have lost something precious lately and I personally miss it terribly.

Lisa P.

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Hey, we are still all here....
Sometimes, I think, a breather is taken....whether for life calls, or physical issues....
We ARE all so proud of you, Stacy....I only hope I will join you (a little over 3 years from now) at 5 years NED!

Hugs again (putting my clothes back on before I get arrested)

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Hi Lisa,

I'm one of the slackers. Trying all the time to catchup that I don't post as much. Your slap hurt. LOL

Stacey! You are the best and BRAVO on the NED! I'm still waiting to get to that level but can't wait to be standing next to everyone that is.

Lisa F.

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No you are not one of the slackers!!!!!!!! Far from it honey!!!!!!!!

Lisa P.

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