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Help...don't know what to do!!!!!

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Hello, over the past few weeks, I have suffered from constant lower back pain, nausea, fatigue, bloating, and pain on both sides of my abdomen. A couple of years ago, I experienced the same bloating and back pain, however, didn't have the nausea and stomach pain with it. At that point, I was having very heavy periods and the dr. cauterized my uterus. My periods stopped. I have had spotting with intercourse and spotting periodically since the procedure was done a year and a half ago. Now with the symptoms I am experiencing, I am having trouble making it through the day. I am 34 years old which is what age my mother was when she had a full hysterectomy. They did find cancer cells on her ovary, but it was all removed when they did her hysterectomy. Do I have cause for concern?

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First, I am so sorry that you are having so much trouble. Have you spoken to your doctor yet. If not I would call and get an appointment right away and have them do an ultrasound and CA125. Since you have a family history it is more important for them to be aggressive with finding the cause of your discomfort. Good luck and let us know how it goes.

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Jami's right. Getting an appointment with your doctor is in order. And there's no reason you should be living in pain and worry like this. There are tests that can be done to get to the bottom of this. Let us know what happens.
Keep the faith.

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I totally agree with Jamilou, and wonder if you've had a biopsy of your uterus, as uterine cancer is more common than ovarian, and would cause at least a few common symptoms.

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three yrs ago i had heavy periods and my gyno said i had precancerous cells so i was 39 and 2 kids so he did a partial hyst. cervix and uterus were removed when he got in there i had cancer in my uterus less than 1/3 so he was glad he did that..ive been fine for 3 yrs active and enjoying life well in may i went for my checkup and i told him i just had a dull ache somtimes on my right side..i had a cyst.It turned out to be cancerous..he did the ca 125 mine was 39.9 normal is 35..he took the cyst and said i was cured and lucky he was 99% sure he got it all..well he wanted me to go to an onocolgist just for a piece of mind well it turned out and he said yes he got it all but just to make sure i'm doing chemo..6 times i had #5 today...the end of oct..i'll be done..I was lucky they said and it was stage 1..and ovarian c is silent..I don't mean to scare you but please if you need the hysterectomy do it!!!!good luck

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Hello, I agree with all the other replies!!! Run do not walk to the Dr. especially since your Mom had the cells present. My sister went to her GYN because of my dx. stage 3c OVCA, she was having no pains, and no sx. She did however because of her past ask for a ultrasound which revealed a 3" mass coming from her ovary. She also had a hysterectomy 10 yrs. earlier, they leave the ovaries so you dont exp. menapause. Anyway...she had surgery to remove it and it was pre-cancerous...thank God. But they also do washing of the area, that is where there put saline in a area and then suck it out, my sister had cells in her washing. She is staged a 1c,but didn't need any tx. So if you do need a hysterectomy, and you have had kids I would remove the ovaries as well. Good luck...also my sister asked for a onc/gyn to be on hand during the surgery just to take a peak to make sure there wasn't any cancer there. He now is her onc. and she sees him every 3 months,just like me. My prayers are with you...smiles and (((hugz)))...Joanne

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