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Am I the ONLY ONE who gained weight? :)

Susanbm Member Posts: 61
edited March 2014 in Colorectal Cancer #1
I have to to admit that when I knew I was diagnosed in 3/05 with Stage III, 1 lymph, no mets,I thought at least with the chemo I would lose the extra 10 pounds I always carry around with me. But NOOOOOOOO!!!! I gained 30 lbs and have not been able to take it off. True, I was thrown into menopause which usually causes weight gain. And, the Avastin wrecked havoc on my BP-- I'm still on 2 differnt meds plus now one for my cholesterol. But, this is ridiculous! I diet, I exercise, I've had my thyroid checked, but I cannot lose the weight. Is there ANYONE ELSE who has had trouble taking off the weight? Oh, and I'm also one of the "lucky" ones who never had diarrhea. I stay plugged up! I have to take glycolax every morning and drink citrucel twice a day just so I don't explode! In the scheme of things, this is very trivial but I'm just curious if I'm the only one? On the bright side, I'm 16 months NED and counting! Cheers!!!


  • alta29
    alta29 Member Posts: 435
    day after surgery 125 pounds( almost 2 years ago )...today 159...feeling better now ????
  • chynabear
    chynabear Member Posts: 481
    Have you had a full blood workup done and discussed this weight loss with your doctor? Things such as high tryglicerides I have heard can cause weight loss to be slow and painful. Maybe they will have some idea as to why you aren't losing weight even with diet and excercise.

    No, you are not the only one who has gained weight. I lost about 27 after diagnoses.... then continues to gain back the 27 plus about 40 because of my severe depression and finding comfort in foods like cake...

    I started eating more veggies and fruit and excercising every day and am now just below what I weighed before my surgery. I feel like I work too hard for the small amount of progress but I keep working because I have made some progress. Plus, I just feel more energetic and better about myself.

    I also have trouble with getting plugged up. I might have to try the citrucel. I notice if I drink my morning shake made with an apple, banana, oat meal, almonds, frozen berries, flax seed, and melon that I do better with having a normal bm.

    Congrats on the 16 month mark!!!

  • nudgie
    nudgie Member Posts: 1,478
    I weighed 130 lbs before my cancer surgery on 10 July 06. After surgery and staying in the hospital for 7 days, I came home and weighed 114 lbs. I am now 122 lbs going through chemo.

    Take it from someone who has always exercised (15-20 yrs), eating a balance diet and exercising will help, but everyone is made different (DNA), so things will affect one person different over another. Maybe your metabolism needs to be checked.

  • joyceann619
    joyceann619 Member Posts: 33
    I'll join you on the weight gain too! After my diagnosis and surgery I lost ten pounds then gained about 20. I am having a hard time losing weight as well.

    I have been on 3 treatments for about 6 months each then I get a break for about six months. During my breaks I exercise and try to eat well. My period even returns during the break.

    I think my body just isn't ready to let go of the weight. Its frustrating I know but continue to eat well and exercise and focus on feeling good.

    I have never lost my hair yet either. When I tell people that I just met that I have cancer they have a hard time beleiving me. I look as healthy as an ox!

  • cheer3
    cheer3 Member Posts: 105
    You are not alone! I had steriods for one year because I was allergic to my chem. I gained @50lbs. I have been NED 3 years. I am still 20lbs over wt. I eat healthy for my liver, no sugar,whites, or processed food,no dairy,try to keep portion size small.I am a walker, five days a week, as much as 4 miles a day. My ONC said I should not worry about it, I would need it when my cancer comes back. I must say he can take your mind off your weight.

    Blessings to you.
  • steelerfan
    steelerfan Member Posts: 26
    Just wanted to tell you that you are not the only one. I am also in the miserable weight gain dilema. A year before my cancer diagnosis I was diagnosed with diabetes. I lost 50lbs. that year and never felt better. Then came the cancer and after surgery (01/05) and during chemo I have gained back 30lbs because I craved sweets like crazy. I am working on losing it but I also had a hysterectomy at the same time as my resection and it is harder to lose it now for some reason. The main thing is I am NED and my sugars are pretty good so the weight loss will follow (I hope!!). Good luck to you with your weight loss fight.