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Hysterectomy aftereffects

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I am a 28 yr old woman who had a hysterectomy because of ovarian cancer. I was wondering if anyone was experencing any effects of loss of feeling like a "woman" because of the surgery? I am and I totally feel alone in this matter and I feel scared. If anyone could offer help and support please feel free.
Thank you,

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You are certainly not alone. I'm so sorry you have experienced the cancer and surgery at all, let alone at such a young age.

Do you have any children? Did you go through chemo? What stage was your cancer? How long ago did you have the surgery?

I had my hysterectomy in 2000. I was 45 1/2 years old at the time. I tried to find some positives. For me, already set with our family (3 beautiful girls), I joked with my husband that at least we wouldn't have to be concerned about 'getting pregnant' at our age, AND no more monthly problems! Of course, I knew there would be some down sides, such as vaginal dryness, atrophy, etc., etc. The hot flashes haven't been too bad, and have actually subsided over the last few years. I think it has much to do with the fact that I exercise. Because of the ovarian cancer, estrogen is a 'NO-NO' for us. So, my doctor perscribed Premarin vaginal cream, which I can only use once a week. Can't say it has taken care of everything, but I suppose it's better than not using it. There are also over-the-counter products for the dryness. You have to just try them and find what works best for you.

All these nasty side affects can make one feel 'less than a woman'. But trust me, you are no less now than what you were before the surgery. I thank God everyday that my cancer was found early and was treatable. I recently had another surgery and chemo because of a recurrance, but I take one day at a time and I'm still grateful that I responded to chemo.

Do you have a good support system (husband, family, friends)? Is your doctor someone you can confide in? Please discuss this with him/her - they have tons of resources to help in this type of situation. And search this website for previous discussions or information on the subject (especially the breast cancer survivors). It will get better as time goes on. Get back to doing the things you like to do (any hobbies, etc.). When you start feeling 'less than a woman', remember you were created 'complete' and always will be. What you 'look or feel like' does not dictate who you really are.

Please keep us informed. Until then, sending prayers and hugs your way.


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My hysterectomy was in July of 2006, so all of the "not being a woman" feelings are new to me because my surgery was so recent.

I was diagnosed in May of 2006 with stage 2 ovarian cancer and had a radiation clamp put on my right ovary. In August I had to undergo one round of chemo, just to be on the safe side.

I am only 28 3/4 years old and have two beautiful boys, and my youngest was less than a year old when I was diagnosed. Which was a total devastation.

My husband and my in-laws have been my rock since my diagnosis, they have been taking care of the baby when the chemo makes me too sick to.

Thanks for your prayers.

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Hi Stephanie, be gentle with yourself. You have been through a lot in the last couple of months and your body needs time to heal, at least six months. The other ladies have good advice for you so I won't repeat. Blessings to you and your wonderful family.

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Winnipogo is right - this is so recent that you need to give yourself time. I'm so glad to hear your family is so supportive - that means a lot.

I haven't heard about the radiation clamp before. And the fact that you only needed 1 round of chemo sounds very promising.

Stay positive - it really helps recovery. Please let us know how you're doing as time goes on.


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Stephanie, so sorry to hear of your cancer, especially at such a young age. Glad to hear they caught it in the early stages. I know in MN we have a young survivors group to share their feelings and concerns. Please know you are not alone, we are all here for you. Also you might want to contact your State's ovarian cancer group as they may have support groups to offer you. If you don't know if you have one contact the National Ovarian Cancer Organization.

Do you have any children? I am glad to hear you have a good support system around you through your family. If you have specific questions in general please just ask and I know many of the woman may be able to help you.

Sending many prayers and Hugs your way.


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