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Vaginal cancer

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My gynecologist found vaginal cancer during my annual check up July'05. Biopsy showed squamous cell carcinoma in situ on vaginal wall. Had tumor removed and two months later it was back. Did laser surgery on vaginal wall and labia. Month later it was back. Tried Efudex cream inside of me 10 treatments once a week. Recently I found a spot outside the labia and went back for more biopsies. It came back invasive in the clitoral area. Oncologist wants to do surgery taking clitoral area, urethea. complete hysterectomy. anterior vaginal wall lymph nodes, and bladder. My other choice is radiation. Hope someone has had similar situation. I'm getting 2nd opinion next week, wondering about going to M D Anderson in Houston. Looking for input from anyone in a similar situation. Thanks

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Sorry for the hell you are going through. The surgery the doctor is recommending is certainly a drastic step, but sometimes that is necessary. I certainly would get a second opinion, but you should be able to find a local gynocologist-oncologist clinic or a close by medical school. Call the American Cancer Association for a list of qualified doctors or institutions that are close to you. I didn't have quite the same problems of it moving around that you did, but mine wasn't found until it was Stage III. They did recommend basically the same surgery, but I chose the radiation. This decision was made after consulting with my urologist. In short I had regular radiation for 27 weeks enhanced each week with cisplatin (a brand of chemo) and then had four brachytherapy treatments which is a form of internal radiation. There are some downsides to the radiation, but I am glad I went that way instead of the surgery.

I finished my last brachtherapy treatment in February of this year and so far everything looks good. The PETScan was clear in June, two pap tests have come back negative, MRI shows clear, and the Gyno-oncologist said just yesterday that there was no signs of the cancer. If you want to talk send me your phone number on an email and I will be happy to call you. I know how important it is to have someone who understands to talk to!

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I goofed in saying that I had 27 weeks of radiation, actually it was 27 treatments. That will teach me to proof read good before sending!

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I wonder if you can update me on how you are doing now? Hopefully well. My mom was diagnosed almost 2 years ago now with vaginal cancer. She was 87 years old when it was found.The doctor wanted her to have radiation and chemo at that time and she refused it for fear of not surviving the treatment at her age. She opted to take her chances with the cancer.
We recently went to Seattle Cancer Care Alliance for a second opinion and they discovered that her cancer has grown, but not spread anywhere else. They are recommending 5 weeks of daily external-beam radiation and then 3 treatments of the internal radiation and they believe this will arrest/cure her. Do you have any recommendations for my mom? She is really scared of the side-effects at her advanced age, but is more afraid of not doing anything. Can you tell us what to expect as far as any side effects?
I hope and pray you are still cancer-free. Thank you for your help!


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My pap smears are always coming back positive.(August 2004)
I had a hysterectomy, interior & exterior radiation, radical vaginectomy, several cat-scans,
a pet-scan, cystoscopy & proctoscopy. I am still getting bad pap-smears.
I am scheduled for another cat-scan and cystoscopy & proctoscopy next week. What next?

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