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Celebrated 6 year survivor anniversary yesterday!

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Yesterday, I celebrated my 6 year cancer survivor anniversary. I was originally diagnosed at age 29 with stage 3 CC. Since chemo., I married my best friend and had a beautiful baby boy. Every day is a gift and I try to treat it as such. Laugh loud, live strong, and don't be afraid to reach out to others.

I post not for the congratulations but to inspire and give hope to those newly diagnosed. With each additional year as a survivor it becomes less overwhelming but always a reminder to be humble and appreciative.

Being a cancer survivor is a big part of me and has shaped the way I live my life. It sucks, but some good has come of it.

To all the survivors and care givers out there- you are in my thougts and prayers daily.

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congrats!!! keep up the good work and GOD BLESS YOU!I too was diagnoised at 29 this year with stage4 cc and pray my story ends with atleast a few more good years i'll never be ready to leave my kids 9,5, and 11months. but want as much time as i can get.yes every day is truly a gift and a blessing. GOD BLESS YOU AGAIN with another 6.take care. jennifer

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Hi Suzann,

Congratulations on your anniversary! I am very happy for you! Your story really means hope, cancer does mean terminal!

May you have great happy life going forward!

Best wishes, Eleonora

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It's wonderful to hear your story. Thanks for sharing. It gives hope to us who are not down the road that far.


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Thank you for posting this. You don't know how much inspiration this provides. Congratulations - may the celebrations continue every day.

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Ah, my dear...thanks for sharing!

I LOVE hearing 'happily ever after' stories! And your hubby Should be your best friend!!! AND a baby! What fun!

I still have some trouble with the 'reach out to others' part...but, I am working on it!

Hugs, Kathi
(stage III, rectal....going on 1.5 years no reoccurance!)

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Congratulations, hard work, faith and god news deserve recognition. thanks for the motivation words

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Hi Susann,
I'm sending you a couple of big hugs. The first one is not for surviving, it is for posting that you have survived for six years. I know what it means to people low on hope and enthusiasm to see stories of survival,particularly when it involves stage 3 and 4 sufferers. The second big hug is for surviving. Not only surviving but having the courage to get on with life. Life is full of risks and we are meant to take them ,it is what makes us what we are. I know that survival is not easy but you are making the best of what you have .My best wishes to you ,your husband and your little boy , may life be sweet for you from here on, Ron st3 8yrs 10 mos.

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Wow. A baby after treatment. How wonderful. Hug your hubby and that little boy. Your story is an inspiration to all of us. Especially the new comers.

There is life after cancer treatment.

Go out and celebrate.


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Thank you SO much for posting this. I'm stage III, finished chemo last week and am waiting on my CT results. My kids are only 3,5,8 & 9 and this post fills me with so much hope!


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Lisa Rose
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Congratulation Suzann on your 6th anniversary. Wishing you many more anniveraries and sending lot's of love to you and your family. We hope to see you again next year at colon palooza.


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CUCK FANCER!!!!!!!!!!!!

YGG (you go girl) and give both men hugs from me!!!!

I admire you for your survivorship but mostly I admire you for consuming a day old communion wafer. Only fellow Catholics know what that must be like.

Hugs, kisses and we will talk to you while in Halifx and can't wait to see you at CP5 next year.

Love, Lisa P.

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Great news...Thank you for sharing!


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It is always wonderful to hear a success story! Thank you so much for being so inspirational to so many!! It's easy for some to leave this board after they "get better," and we all need these type of stories to help on our journeys.



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