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Vitamin C infusion

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Has anyone considered this? or know anyone who has done this?
My old boss did this and his cancer (kidney) is now NED. He also did macrobiotic diet and lots of supplements and alternative stuff. But the vitamin C really seemed to be the thing that really brought the cancer into remission or NED.

Also, I have a friend that has colon cancer w/ liver mets (inoperable) and has tried many different chemos for the past year with no success. She just started doing the vit C infusions along with the chemo (different doctors of course). She said she feels great for the first time in a year. She has a scan coming up to see if there is any change in the liver mets.
There was an article about it in early summer in the newspaper and she met a few people who have gotten rid of their cancer with this method.

It sounds good but of course the MD's are against it.
If anyone has any info on this I would love learn more about it.


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Reading this makes me want to do intravenous Vitamin C again. I did this for a couple weeks at the Immune Recovery Clinic in Atlanta and based on my personal experience as well as my discussions with others at the clinic, I believe this helps quite a bit in beating back the cancer. There are some legitimate studies done recently that support this, also. It only works on high doses of intravenous vitamin C, taking it my mouth is not an option.

Intravenous Vitamin C can be done in a clinic in Raleigh, NC also. It's a long story as to why this is legal in some states and "quasi-legal" in other states.

For some reason, my personal mail is sending tonight, but if you have questions, please send them.

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I too am very interested in the Vitamin C infusion for my son who has colon cancer, stage IV with mets on his liver. Sue, please let us know how your friend's scans turn out.

And Tony, thanks again for your reply. I just discovered it tonight and I wrote you again.


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