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Ovarian cancer

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My sister was told 6 months ago she had cancer on her left ovary (I just found out) nothing has been done to treat this so far. I have taken her to another Doctor and he has offered the following: remove the left ovary through the vagina in an outpatient center and her recovery will be 7-10 days!!!! All help is apprectiated

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First off, I'm so sorry you and your sister must go through this. But you have come to the right place. How did they determine your sister has cancer - biopsy, CA125 level, etc.? Are they removing only the ovary because she is still in child-bearing years or they think it is only on the ovary? Will she need to have chemotherapy? I understand the 7-10 day recovery and non-invasive technique sounds appealing, but I would want to be absolutely sure that the cancer has not spread. I'd rather go through a complete surgical procedure for peace of mind. Do you have a family history?

I hope I have not overwhelmed you with all these questions. But we'd love to help, so give us more information if you can. Otherwise, just be open and ask the doctor everything you need to know. In the meantime, prayers and hugs to you and your sister. I hope we hear from you again.


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