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I played tennis again!!!!!

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I am just writing this to share good news. I am getting ready to have my 5th round of chemo on Monday but yesterday I played tennis for the 1st time since I was diagnosed. I am so excited to be able to do something that I did pre-diagnosis. Tennis was a huge part of my life and I missed it so much. I just want everyone to know that good things can happen even while going through treatment. I am stage IV, with a colostomy, going through chemo and I played tennis for over an hour yesterday. This thing does not need to stop us from doing the things that we love to do!!!

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Thank you for sharing it with us. I am happy for you. Keep it up!

Best wishes.

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I am so thrilled for you!!! You GO!!! When I was in chemo, I could only exercise the day or two before my next session...But even those few days made all of the difference in my outlook. Now, after chemo, I am dedicated to strengthening my body/immune system by keeping as active as possible...And with research claiming a HUGE drop in recurrence rates with lots of exercise, it is even more of a priority for me. All the best to you, good luck with your 5th session, and make a date for your next game!!! - Maura

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You go girl! Attitude plays such an important role in getting us through the course of treatment. I used to get inordinate joy out of doing some stuff in my garden whenever (and IF) I could. Keep up the good work; stay strong and focused.
Best of luck through all the rest of the treatments, Judy

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That's wonderful and the weather is so fantastic right now! You can never have too much fun. jams

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You brought such happy tears to my eyes!!! You go!!! You live the saying - "I had cancer but it didn't have me!"

I know exactly how you felt. Half way through my 18 rounds of chemo, on one blue-ish day, I took a head dive in my pool and instantly it just filled me with joy and sense of well-being. I also started to bike, which meant the world to me.

Doing things that I loved just reminded me how wonderful life is, and it make the fight worth fighting.

So play your heart out! I am so happy for you!


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Thanks for the great news. You give hope to all of us who enjoy sports. I start chemo next month and am hoping to play tennis and racketball sometime in the next few months. Thanks again...See you on the tennis court!!

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NAKED happy dance! Doesn't it feel good to do things familiar?????

Thanks for sharing the good news!

Hugs, Kathi

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what a great inspiration! not only for cancer survivors but all of us with colostomies.keep up the spirit. cherri

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This hangs on the wall in my doctor's office:
"Exercise is the closest thing we'll ever get to the miracle pill that everyone is seeking. It brings weight loss, appetite control, improved mood and self-esteem, an energy kick and longer life by decreasing the risk of heart disease, diabetes, stroke, osteoporosis, and chronic disabilities."
Holly Atkinson, MD, Editor, Health News, May 27, 1997

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Wonderful post, tennislover. I am too sick to do my workouts. But you have given me the will to try. You are truly amazing. Bless you! Terri

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That's great to hear. I am anxious to get back to tennis also. Was ready several weeks ago but the other player couldn't go. Now we are into indoor tennis and I dropped my membership until after chemo is done but plan to play alot then. The clubs changed ownership so it was just cheaper to wait. We can live a pretty normal life- just have to do somethings differently.


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I am also a tennis player and spent the time during my treatments watching and lunching with the team but walking and doing weights for exercise. However, one month out of chemo while still anemic I was back and even playing in the USTA combo league. I am back to playing on two teams and working-I remember telling my oncologist I was more interested in getting back to tennis than to work! I'm so proud of you for getting back out there-it will make a difference I'm sure. Luv ya, Nancy

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