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What to do?

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My husband was diagnosed with stage 4 testicular cancer two months ago. The testicle was removed but it has spread into his lymph and liver. I have been searching nonstop among the millions of magic cures and chemo for the right thing to do. I just want to know what other people in this case have done and what worked for them. I'm so exhausted! Chemo just makes no sense - putting a toxic chemical into your body to kill the cancer which is a result of toxic buildup followed by a breakdown of the immune system and thus further destroying the immune system! Has anyone tried the Gerson Therapy or are there survivors out there who have not done chemo??? PLEEEASE, I NEED HELP!

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Hi, my name is mark aka abartender i was diag'd with tc stage 2, 3 yrs ago my best advice is to go to www.laf.org , it may comfort you to know that lace armstrong was also in stage 4 , and it had spread to his lungs and brain and not only made a full recovery , but made history by winning the tour de france 7 times. E-mail the foundation at the web site and explain whats going on and they will send you the best info on tc, i also recommend to get both of lances books for encouragment and strength . Its not about the bike. Every second counts. I was training for a local triathlon when my life changed, but looking back it made me stronger and made me stop and smell the roses more often and made me want to make a positive differnce in other people's lives. Take care and God Bless and be with you every step of the way , and if you ever want to talk you can e-mail me at abartender1@yahoo.com
Always Mark

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Hi, my name is Tom. I was diagnosed back in June and recently finished my chemo treatment. The cancer had spread to my lungs, lymph nodes and liver. IMO you should really consider chemo, particulary for this type of cancer. The "good" thing about TC is that it's really responsive to chemo. I still need surgery to remove lymph nodes and a tumor outside the lung (it was a big one). But the chemo did a great deal of good, and the immune system issues were minimal (be careful, use hand sanitizers, limit contact with children and people who are sick, and he'll be fine). Also, if you're not allready, go to a hospital that SPECIALIZES in cancer. I went from a local hospital where I was diagnosed to Sloan-Kettering in NYC, and it's made a huge difference. Hope that helps! I'd be happy to tell you more or listen if you need it. Good luck!

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My name is Diane and my husband just found out his testicular cancer reoccured in his lymph nodes in his abdomen. Last spring he had a surgery to have a tumor removed and then three courses of chemo--bleomicin, etoposide and sesplatin. Now it's back. Going to Indiana to see Dr. Einhorn. Signs point towards a bone marrow transplant. Right now really scared. Any comforting thoughts? Except the fact that Einhorn's the expert so he'll be in good hands. Thanks!

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Any updates on his progress? Everyone in here is giving good feedback. I too was stage 4 at diagnosis and the chemo and surgery served me well. Yes it doesnt make sense at first about the toxins but think of it this way... chances are toxins contributed to the current condition so bigger toxins may need to stamp it out. I say do what must be done in order to live... then you'll have time to go organic :-) I'm working on my 14th year of detoxification after cancer(organics and pure living) I consider it good prevention but wouldnt want to use it to try and combat a disease I spent 24 years trashing my body to discover. God Bless.

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