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re: Very concerned - new cancer found in Mark's lungs

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Mark had a discussion with the doctor finally and he told him something he had not mentioned to me - new cancer was found in his lungs in the last CT that may be a different cancer, i.e. - it could be lung cancer. If that is the case, shouldn't that be ruled out before ANY treatment is administered? He's being presented with two more colorectal stage IV chemo regimens. Would either of them really do any good if there is lung cancer present?

I'm at my wits end. He's being treated at a county hospital. Getting records is damn near impossible - I've not been successful in getting anything except copies of the written report of the CT. I put a request in four months ago for records at that time and still have not received anything. Getting the current CT films for a second opinion is fruitless. He does still see his original oncologist that he could get some feedback from. She is asking for the films and I've explained my dilemma. She has not been successful in retrieving records either. Damn county hospital!!

How does one determine if these new spots are lung cancer? Would a PET scan reflect that? A biopsy? I don't think Mark would do well with a biopsy. He's so thin - I'm afraid a surgery would be dangerous for him. Any thoughts, suggestions would helpful. I may post this again with a different heading to try to get more responses. Thanks so much.

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I am very sorry about Mark's situation. I believe that a biopsy is needed to determine exactly what it is. I had one and it was extremely difficult. Mark is very blessed to have you by his side advocating for him.

Keep us posted.


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Maybe you can try PET scan. I am so sorry for what you are going through. Could you complain to somebody about this hospital? I don't think they have a right to hold records and not to release them to you. You could consult an attorney. Just take the phone book and call. Some will say that they do not give an advice over the phone but some will answer the question.

My thoughts and prayers are with you.


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Those records are yours. Go to the hospital and walk to the dept. that you need and request them. They can NOT deny them to you. I have had 3 different hospitals involved in my treatment and have all the CT's/ PET's in one folder and a copy of all reports in my "livestrong" binder. A PET won't tell what kind of cells they are. I am having a biopsy Oct 2nd to see if I have lung mets. I was told that whatever turned up in my lungs would be colorectal mets NOT lung cancer. I'm not sure that what they call it matters to me, but it must be important. Good luck...and take control. Knowledge is power....Live Strong, Pam

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Hi there,
I just wanted to throw in that they can do a biopsy laproscopically, meaning they make a very small incision and use an instrument with a camera on the end, locate the nodule and remove it. This is much less invasive than an "open" procedure, which would normally be done if they were trying to remove tumors in the lung in hopes of a cure. In this case, where they are just trying to determine if it is colorectal cancer I would think they would perform laproscopic surgery. Additionally they might be able to do a "fine needle aspiration", where they insert a needle, pull out some fluid, and look at the cells under a microscope. This is minimally invasive and not such a big deal.

I personally would not suspect lung cancer, given Marks history. I wonder what causes them to suspect a totally different kind of cancer? Next time you go to the hospital, remember to make a list of questions for the doctor if you have not already done so. Just go right down the list until you get them all answered.
As for the records, if you are Marks legal caretaker, then you should be able to go down to medical records and sign the release and get the records right then and there. Otherwise, the surgeon may be able to get them STAT for you all....

My primary question would be why they feel he may have 2 different cancers going on simultaneously? I find that difficult to believe.

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