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Partially undressed at the House...

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Naked happy dancing down Pennsylvania ave?????
Nah, decided instead to have a crying jag in the House of Representatives at the security screening...I was late for my appointment with my congressman, and I kept setting off the alarms....LONG line of people I was holding up.....burst into tears, had to partially undress, turned out to be the CSN button that did it!!!! (Luckily I had my 'survivor' sash on...covered some of the unspeakables)!

Hugs, Kathi

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Good grief! what an experience.

Since you didn't get naked at the white house, at least go back to your room (and privately) get naked so you can tell all your friends that you went to the capital and got naked! :)

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You are so great Kathi! Of course this would only happen to you. Go figure the button was actually made of metal. Well getting naked might have caught there attention though??

Lisa F

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I understand that if you get naked and dance in a club that you make lots of money. jams

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or....get naked in the oval office and make headlines....Just...what...is..naked? lol

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