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Correct name of Trial - E7208. Anyone on this?

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This is the trial that they are pushing my friend Mark to go on. The drug used is brand new and made by Eisai. Anyone know anything about this?? Thanks so much!

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I would not have him do any more trials. I would have him do tradional methods that are known to help.


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I do not agree, I would look into any possible alternatives that are available. Mark is very ill and it is true that certain drugs like Camptosar and Oxy are proven to help, but Erbitux and Avastin are only proven to extend life oh so slightly. If Camptosar and Oxy have been tried and are not helping I would try whatever I could after learning about that particular option and trying to understand the mechanism of how it works.
Is Mark juicing?? I would think some fattening things like carrots and beets might help him w/ the weight problem. You could also add protein powders to help w/ his muscle atrophy.
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I belive the drug name is E7070. Check out cancerconsultants. Go to cancer drug pipeline. This will list numerous drugs in Trials for Colon Cancer and what phase they have reached. E7070 is made by Eisai. See if that is the correct name.

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