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Shout out to some great doctors

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I am new to this site and was just browsing some of the topics. I am 25 years old and was diagnosed in May 2006 with Stage III rectal cancer (6 lymph nodes affected). I had surgery, radiation, and am still currently going through chemo.
I started looking on here because I was feeling frustrated about my bathroom situation (anyone with a resection knows what I'm talking about)...anyways it's nice to know there are others out there who understand.
Anyway, as I was looking I started reading about how many people were just ignored by their doctors for so many reasons. I am so sad to hear how much that happens and it made me really appreciate the doctors I have had...
Everything was just the opposite for me. I was the one who assumed I just had hemmroids and completely ignored it for about 8 months due to lack of health insurance. When I finally got my butt to the doctor I even downplayed my symptoms (something I really need to work on b/c I still do it and it's stupid...I just have the obsessive need for everyone to think I'm doing fine I guess). Anyways from the first day I saw my doctor and told her my symptoms she gave me an immediate referral to a GI and he immediately ordered a scope. From the time I actually brought myself to the doctor I was diagnosed and in for surgery all within almost a month. I feel so fortunate that my doctors played it safe and took no chances especially because of my age. All doctors should treat their patients the way mine have and it infuriates me to think that people have to deal with incompetent doctors in addition to everything else.

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Wonderful news that there are still good doctors out there.

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That is wonderful that they took you seriously from the beginning, although, I know how crappy it is to be diagnosed.

I had my first symptom and went to the doctor when I was 23ish. I was told it was internal hemmroids that must have gotten irritated.

I didn't really have any symptoms for a few years... then, at 26 I started having a lot of blood. I was literally blown off and told it must be a small tear in my bowel or hemmroids. I knew at this point that it was something bigger and the arrogant doctor didn't even pause to hear my concerns as he's heading out the door.

Thankfully, I pursued it a month later and was diagnosed the day after my 27th birthday with Stage III CRC. Interestingly, it was a fairly new graduate that said, "I don't think it will turn out to be anything serious. Here are a number of reasons that could cause the bleeding... but, I can't take that chance until I have you scoped."

Even the GI doc admitted to me in the hospital that he thought I was crazy when I went in for my consult, but thankfully decided that he had to make sure. He also asked if he could use my story in the future as he had a friend who was 30ish with symptoms.

FYI, I have the same problem with downplaying symptoms... something I'm working on as well.

The world needs a few more doctors like the one's you have seen.

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Hi -

As far as docs go, your experience was a lot like mine - although I was of the age where they are more likely to take you seriously.

Still, what is it about many of us that we downplay our symptoms? I too have that obsessive need to make everything sound OK - still working on reforming my ways (and trying to understand why that is my way).

Welcome to our site. You can get lots of good advice and support here.


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I am glad you found this site. People here are extremely supportive of one another and you will get a lot of help and advice here. Please do let us know how you are feeling.

It is good to know that there are some good doctors out there.

Best wishes to you.

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I'm glad you had good doc's on your side. I found some good ones, but I downplayed things too! I was too afraid too hear bad news, esp at 33. It took six months of doctor visits/calls to really come out and speak up. I had no insurance and that made things hard. I was stage 4 crc mets to liver and now because of amazing doctors I am one year out of chemo with N.E.D.

I still downplay out in the normal world and tell people I'm doing great regardless of what's really happening because I learned early on that people just love to hear that your doing great. I still haven't figured out how to really deal with these situations, but I find this website to be a safe haven for my real emotions and thoughts.

Anyway, welcome to CSN and thank you for sharing your story... and listening to mine.


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Hi. I was diagnosed with stage 3 rectal cancer in 2002. Unfortunately, mine progressed to lung mets - crap.... BUT, I wanted to let you know I am doing great!

I am on chemo again, but am able to do it all. I just wanted to give you hope that you can do it!! I hope you get cured and am sooo happy your docs took care of you.

If you ever have questions, been there, done that; just give me a shout.

Stay strong, jana

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