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Has anyone every had this type of scan before? It's to check for gall bladder problems. I know I will be injected with contrast, and that the test will take about 4 hours. But my doctor told me they would take films, then have me eat sometime, then take more films. The hospital said there was no eating involved. So, just wondered if anyone out there has ever had this done.
Thank you all!

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No, not me, but it sounds fascinating. I had a "swallowing" film taken before my dx because I was having a problem with that-I had to swallow some treated liquid for the test.

It didn't show anything, but I got to see a live x-ray of it while it was happening. It was inconclusive.

Will they use an isotope contrast?

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My sister in law just had this. She had been suffering with pain for over 6 months and put through many tests and her sister said to ask about this test. It shows gallbladder disease. She said it was a piece a cake and already had surgery.

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Thanks to all who responded. I just always like to have a heads-up so I know what to expect.
Happy Sunday!

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Hey Monika that sounds interesting especially if you get to see it. Sorry there is a reason to have to go through it though, and I pray they find nothing major. Other wise how are you feeling??

I just had my first chemo,I haven't been sick or anything so far. Thank you Jesus! I dread the hair leaving, this morning as I ran my fingers through my hair there were quite a few that came out....it has been 11 days since chemo but I have a new wig and I will be auburn this go round. Let us know how the scan goes and what is consist of?

God is so faithful! I can't imagine trying to get through this without him. He is my strength!He is my joy!!!

God Bless and take care of you! Love, Jan

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How many treatments will you have? My thoughts and prayers are with you. I agree - can't imagine going through this journey without His peace and strength. Some moments can be a struggle, a challenge. Thank the Lord he sustains us!

I am feeling reasonbly well, trying to lose the 35 pounds I gained during the treatments. That in itself makes me feel bloated, uncomfortable, and a little tired. But I'm working on it. My brows are coming back, my hair is also (but very gray). So, I will continue to wear my wig at work until I have enough to work with. Auburn is a nice color! The wig I am wearing now is auburn and close to my original style. I wore it 6 years ago. The other one I have is okay, but a little longer and was getting annoying. It's been nice not to have to shave legs or underarms all this time! And getting ready for work or going out has been easier. Nonethless, I'll be glad to get my own back.

Please keep us informed on your progress. I'll will update with results to my tests and doctor visit when I get them.

Till then, may His peace keep you and His love surround you.


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You know they say you lose weight during chemo but I did the same as you...I gained 30 pounds. I ended up going to weight watchers to get it off. I figured that was the healthiest way to do it. I ended up losing 25 pounds over a period of about 4 months. Good luck! Maybe the leg and underarm hair will take a while to come back! Wouldn't that be nice!

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