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Duey's chemo

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As always I will start with the Thank You?s !!!!

Thank you-Thank you-Thank you--

each and every one of you. It just amazes Duey that

you guy's actually take the time to post and share your experiences, advice, input , caring and well wishing ...

He has never seen anything like that .

(I tell him, that's just the way "we" are :)

I have just gone through and read to Duey all the updated posts from you guys. Please always know your posts are read, even if they are not responded to. They are all read and greatly appreciated.

Duey says...

He is going to go ahead with the chemo. He feels this is the period of his life that he is dealing with cancer. Thus, this is the period of his life that he will deal with chemo.

He will NOT accept the ill's of chemo into his life. The same as he has NOT accepted cancer into his life. This is just something he is going through. Cancer has all-together been unacceptable to him. That (positive thinking) is just the way he gets through it.



Due wanted to make sure you all read this so we have reposted it here.....
Duey has started chemo today, He's wearing a fanny pack that they will take off on Friday. He's not feeling well almost like he has the flu and he's very tired and you should see his arm where they put the passport in it's all blue and red look's scarry but they say it's normal.
I stayed with him at the oncologist office which is pretty cool it's a house that they have made into a office much better then a Hospital the only thing is there are other people there in the room that are very sick and some who are not and when I talked to them I never really know what to say. :(

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Hi LLLady and Duey!

Congrats on taking the next big step to nail those little b@#$*(#! Hit them hard!

It's sweet of you to stay w/ Duey during his infusion. I am sure it means the world to him to have you there.

Yeah, the infusion room is not the happiest place most of the time. I used to bring berries to cheer people up. One time I brought some Winnie-the-Pooh ballons for no appearant reason and everybody thought they were just great!

The blue arm doesn't sound right. Did you check w/ the onc nurse? Please call them. Nothing should be blue.

Yes fatigue kicks in right away. I usually just stayed in bed for the days when I am on the "drip". If the body is saying I am tired, then give it what it wants, quality rest!

Best of luck to you guys!


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Yes, people here are very supportive and caring. Did they do port for Duey? It sounds like the port is easier than just using veins.

Wishing Duey all the best for the treatment and strength for you. Please keep us posted what happens.

God Bless,

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Tell Duey I like his style.... cuz it matches mine. LOL!!! We're on a life journey that includes cancer and chemo. SO what?!!!! Hugs to you guys! Let us kow how he gets through round one. I'm a little worried about bruising, too, but if the docs are looking at the thing they would know better than me. But hey, don't be afraid to pipe up, too. Sometimes a second look is needed a day later....

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Just wanted to chime in too since I've "been there, done that and DON'T want the T-shirt". I always tried to be upbeat while in the chemo room. Mine was nice because they were more like cubicles. You can kind of tell who wants to talk and who doesn't. I would talk to anyone that was willing. Made the time go faster. The fanny pack is a pain. I didn't sleep well when I was on it. I was always worried about laying on the line and couldn't lay on my stomache which when having trouble sleeping I like to do. I was "yanked" back a few times too when I forgot to take my "friend" with me. Kinda hurts and is embarassing. Like the others said, tell Duey to rest as much as he can. I just stayed in bed most of the time when I had my three days of chemo. The best feeling was when they took me off the pump on Friday and I could get a "real" shower. Ahhhh Heaven! HUGS to you both.

Lisa F.

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Hi LLady and Duey -

I think you are making the right decision. When chemo makes him tired, he should rest. It won't be too bad, hopefully, but I know it will be better if he gives in and rests when it seems necessary.

(My chemo room was very nice, hugely comfortable recliners, soft blankets, huge window and oddly enough although there were usually about 10 people in there at any given time, people were upbeat, talking, smiling - though depending upon their regimen occasionally sleeping (breast cancer patients who received Benadryl first almost always dozed from time to time). But, overall, the actually experience of spending 5 hours getting chemo was far from unpleasant. The after-effects were another issue.

I wish Duey well,

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I'm glad he has made the decision. So far in all my chemo treatments I have been in one of the separate little rooms at the hospital chemo section. It has a TV etc and a nice bed-most of the time I just doze. My port is on the upper chest. The blue doesn't sound right unless it is just bruising around the site-sometimes during the procedures some blood oozes out into the surrounding tissue. I too feel that the cancer is just one of those things in life I have to deal with. If successful-which I think I will be- then good, if not then so be it. Although saying that, there are still times when I feel a little low and that is usually about the time when I am going to have the next chemo. The fanny pack to me is the most bothersome besides the cold intolerance (especially since I live in Minnesota) but it is only for two days. However last week when I had it I got up quickly because the cat was making noise prior to coughing up a hairball and I wanted to get him off of the carpet and dragged the pack along with me (I don't keep it buckled during the nite so I can have more movement)

Will keep Duey in our prayers.

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Hi everyone
Duey is very sick he's red, he feels like he has the flu he has nausea
he hasn't eaten since the day of chemo on Wednesday. he sleeps alot
The brusing is from when they put the port in, the doctors are saying it is normal for blood to get under the skin.

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Oncologists usually instruct people on chemo that if side effects are too severe, they need to call right away. It sounds like you need to call your doctor right away. Please do this and let us know what you will find out.


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