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scared CT-scan coming up

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I went through the six weeks of radiation and Chemo. Then surgery and another five cycles of Chemo. Severe hand and foot syndrome during chemo and more. Nothing but good news after treatments - low grade cancer removed;CEA less than one; none in nodes; the only appearance other than the colon was a low grade reading on the pet-scan in the stomach that two doctors called a false positive. Now three months after ending chemo I still have bowel problems and occasional hand and foot pain. Walking is still difficult. My onc has been more or less neutral on my treatments and my recovery. Now I'm scared of a CT-scan. Not the test (been there done that) but the results that could be there. My strength is gone and I'm wondering if the effects of the chemo ever goes away and could I take it again? One week to go????

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Hang in there; I could have posted your message six months after chemo (and I didn't have radiation). It does get better; I am now over 2 years out, No Evidence of Disease. Even after the first year, I still saw lots of improvement in my energy and finally figured out a bowel routine.
I would suggest you find a way to review your symptoms and concerns with your onc. Be very specific about the problems you are having; if s/he can't help with your bowel issues (mine was constipation, prob due to nerve damage in the lower part of my colon) then ask to see someone who can. There are also lots of good tips here from folks who have the same issues.
I think many of us experience a post-chemo let down; we are done with the "active fighting", and the waiting, particularly around test and check up time, is horrible. Do everything you can to take back control of your life, continue to problem solve with the symptoms and develop lots of healthy living habits.
Wishing you continued recovery,

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Chin up, Lou. I think judith is right, you just have to hang in there and view each progress on a daily basis. Talk with your docs about those remaining things that are really bothering you. I think everyone who is having a scan is afraid of the results. That is normal to feel apprehensive and anxious (I know I'm going to be a basket case when that time arrives for me... currently I'm still in the "fighting phase" judith refers to).

Even though we can't be positive and up every day, it's a good thing to remind ourselves of the good stuff (like your low CEA and none in the nodes) when we have a down day. You just gotta get through those days and I know you will.


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I couldn't agree more with the previous posts!

Especially the "post fight" feeling, the hmm... where's my energy feeling, and the fear.

I believe I have read (on this board no less) about a vitamin that helps with the hand and foot syndrom. I never got it too bad and what I had gradually decreased until now it is very mild and only in my feet.

I am approaching my 2 year anniversary for dx. I have been off of chemo since 4/05 and have barely gained all of my energy back... it seems to get better each day. Also, what I eat makes a huge difference in how I feel (and how my bowels act) as does excercise.

I still tend to get constipation easily now. I have to make sure that I get plenty of fiber, lots of fruits and veggies too... and tons of pure water.

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I wonder if we have our CT scan the same day 9/27. I'm scared too. I had stage iv and stopped chemo 4/06. Let me know what day your test is and post the results. I'll definely be thinking about you. jams

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I will pray for the good results for your scan. Please hang in there! There is light in the end of the tunnel and it will get better! God is with you.

God Bless, Eleonora

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My onc has me take Vit B6 100 mg 3 times a day to combat the hand/foot syndrome related to 5 FU. She said it may help the problems from Folfox with the peripheral neuropathy but wasn't very positive on that. We are all afraid of getting the results of the tests. It would be nice if they could expedite that process to decrease the waiting time. Stay in there, the side effects should get less.


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