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Need Advice....again..sigh

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HI to all. It has been awhile since my last post, although I read each and every day. It seems as though I post every couple of months with a new problem!! Quick recap, hubby dx. sept.05, chemo/rad, surgery for temp. illiostomy, then surgery for removal of tumor, followed by chemo, then reversal surgery for illiostomy. Drs. said in June he was NED, which we were very happy about. He had his reversal in July and it has not gone well at all. Tonight he told me it is actually harder on him mentally than physically. The problem is after 3 months he is still having major bowel problems. The REALLY scary thing is that today there was blood in his stool. Now I am FREAKING out and we are both so scared, as this is how it all began a year ago. Has anyone else ever experienced blood in the stool after having cancer? Does this sound normal. To me it does not. Anyhow, thanks again for reading and god bless everyone
Sylvia and mike

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It sounds to me that your husband needs to see a doctor right away.

My thoughts and prayers are with you.

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Hi! after my first chemo treatment I was very very constipated, I call the doctors office and spoke with the assistant that told me to take milk of magnesia. It really worked but like 1 or 2 days after I had blood in the toilet, next day I went for my lab work and told this to the chemo nurse and she told me it could be a little rupture beacause of the constipation or from hemmorroids that I have,that same week I had an appoitment with my surgeon to check the incisions and asked him about the same thing,told me not to worry ,that my surgery have been less that two month ago,and they took out anything that shouldn't be there,last friday my appt. was with my onc. let him know, and told me same thing, but maybe as your husband surgery was about a year ago it could be a different stoy, anyway I agree that you should tell his doctor. Hoping for the best. Betina

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If he has had alot of diarrhea it could be due to that. However he needs to tell the surgeon. It could mean a problem where he was reattached. It does not necessarily signfy cancer. It needs to be checked out.
Good luck,


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